Jeremy Maclin as a Free Agent?; Odell Beckham Jr in the Draft?….


10 awesomely awesome thoughts on the Jets/NFL from the past week that I had to share with you and I dare you not to care….

1.) Jets Offense Free Agency

I need the Jets to go after ALL or one of the following players: Jeremy Maclin, Eric Decker, Golden Tate or Emmanuel Sanders.  My personal preference is Jeremy Maclin only if he’s healthy and if he is healthy, he’s a problem and for once the Jets need to be the ones causing the problems for opposing defenses not trying to fix the problems.

I need the Jets to see the same things in Odell Beckham Jr I see and make him a Jet.

2.)  Jets OffenseDraft

Yeah, so I’m going to also need the Jets to come out of this draft with one or more of the following: North Carolina TE, Eric Ebron, LSU WR, Odell Beckham Jr, LSU WR, Jarvis Landry and Vanderbilt WR, Jordan Matthews and let’s not start kidding kid ourselves into thinking the Jets can somehow luck out on any of these players  anywhere past the 2nd round because it ain’t happening.  Quite honestly I would welcome any combination of these group players in twos within the first two rounds, it doesn’t matter the player at ALL, just as long as one of those players is Odell Beckham Jr of course.  I like him and you should too and it won’t take long once he’s in the league to show why you need to like him.  It’s probably safe to say that if the Jets come out of this draft with as many talented offensive players as they should considering how deep it is, that Geno Smith will look much like the Geno Smith in the last three games of last season and making your QB much overall is the ultimate goal is it not?

* Side Note – Should make it clear that I absolutely LOVE Clemson WR Sammy Watkins and would trade my left kidney to see that he becomes a member of the Jets, problem is; it’s going to take both kidneys to see that he becomes a Jet and we need at least one kidney to survive right? Or is that our liver?  Wait, do we have two kidneys or two livers??? Which is it???

3.) Jets Defense Free Agency 

   It was the Jets defense for the most part that kept them in the few games they were actually in last season but like I use to say about things that’s already good; “If you can add to it, the hell you waiting for?” I just made that up but still, the Jets defense wasn’t as good as some like to make it out to be especially their pass rush and secondary as both areas drastically underachieved and I could even argue the secondary cost them a game or two. It was the D-line the carried the weight for the defense and is the sole reason the defense gets it props.  The Jets can certainly afford to add a few defensive pieces and there are a few players that can be had in free agency that should be of interest to the Jets:  Safety, Jairus Byrd,  OLB, Brian Orakpo, OLB, Shaun Phillips and DE/OLB Michael Johnson.  Addressing the pass rush is crucial and of course that’s something we’ve never said before in any offseason….

***rolls eyes***

The secondary of course was probably worse than the pass rush and that’s saying quite a bit when you think about just how ineffective the Jets pass rush was last season.  The Jets could certainly use help at the Safety position and Byrd should at least be considered.

USC Safety Dion Bailey would be perfect for the Jets with their first 3rd round pick in this year’s draft.

4.) Jets DefenseDraft 

I’m going to call off a few names starting now: Buffalo’s, Khalil Mack,  Auburn’s, Dee Ford, Standford’s Trent Murphy, BYU’s Kyle Van Noy, Michigan State’s Darqueze Dennard or USC’s Dion Bailey.  Anyone of them in a Jets uniform please next season. Thanks.

5.) Quarterbacks in the Draft

Quarterbacks that I like that no one else seem to care for: Georgia’s QB Aaron Murray, LSU’s QB Zach Mettenberger and Alabama’s QB AJ McCarron.  All have solid experience, poise in the pocket, composure and great football IQ.  Not to mention, Mettenberger working under Ravens former Offensive Coordinator  to put together a solid senior season is nothing to dismiss.  I firmly believe all of these QBs will be solid/great NFL QBs and I base that prediction off nothing substantive just based off the fact that I ‘m a genius.

6.)  The Seattle Blueprint?

During the Superbowl, it was noted how Jets GM John Idzik not only help put together that Seahawks team and did some of the scouting but that he is actually attempting to utilize the same “Blueprint” they used in order to become as successful as they have become. What exactly is the “Seahawks Blueprint”?  Cashing in a 3rd round QB draft pick lottery ticket?  Load up on pass rushers and utilize five rushers deep and combine that with aggressive corners that are physical and play man to man?  Putting together a rock solid draft that essentially becomes a vital part of your team?  Everyone talks about the Hawks 2012 draft and rightfully so as it probably landed them a franchise QB but for me it was their 2010 draft that was HUGE, here are the picks that mattered in that draft:

I’m not exactly sure what the “Seahawk Blueprint” is and those that’s utilizing the term probably really don’t either when it boils down to it but it’s clear that the Seahawks have drafted insanely well over the past three seasons and that’s why they are the Superbowl Champions. The Jets have a lot riding on this upcoming draft,  your move Idzik.

7.)  What’s not to like about the Defensive Rookie of The Year Sheldon Richardson? I’m asking for a friend.

8.)  Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie are still on the Jets and have yet to be cut. Is there a chance any one of them will be on the roster before the March deadlines?  Here are my thoughts ~> Thoughts

9.)  Jets Backup QB Problem?

Since Rex Ryan has been the Head Coach of the Jets, (and before that actually) the Jets have failed miserably at adequately addressing the backup QB position.  Now normally that wouldn’t be that big a deal for a team but considering the recent history with this Jets team and the QB position you would think the Jets would adequately address the position but just in the past 2-3 years alone the Jets have been victimized by horrible, inexcusable QB play at times with no solid backup QB to turn to.  That needs to change and I realize the fine line there is in “searching” for a “backup” QB when you should be searching for your franchise QB but I’m simply saying just put a bit MORE effort into addressing the position as opposed to simply winging it which seems to be their “back up QB” gameplan for some time now.  Jets are reportedly “considering” Matt Schaub and though it’s not a sexy move, I would welcome it considering the backup options the Jets have had over the past few seasons.

10.) The Combine is rapidly approaching and the results will start to clear some things up draft wise and I’ll be all over it so stay tuned to the JetPress as combine coverage starts.  I’m a busy man but never too busy to parlay as an “expert” on all things Jets and all things football. I know things. I know  a lot about more than I know a little and that’s sometimes more than always. Can you say the same?