Inside the Mornhinweg Playbook: Jeremy Kerley on a Crossing Pattern: Week 1


Dec 29, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; New York Jets wide receiver

Jeremy Kerley

(11) during a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Starting a new series, that we hope you all enjoy.

With no football to watch, there is no better time to go inside the film room. So, we are going to look at the offense, and some of our best plays from 2013. Yes, there were some.

Each piece is going to break down one play, from each week of the season, that was a success. These are plays that we would like to see more of, obviously, as Marty and the offense progresses.

We will take each play and figure out how it worked. Today’s piece is a play from week one, specifically, the first completion by Geno Smith, 26 yards to Jeremy Kerley. Let’s have a look:

Remember all we have said about the “West Coast Offense” having options for the quarterback? Well, this play was a prime example. The targeted receiver, Jeremy Kerley, is in green highlight, the others are in red.

The Bucs are playing a classic cover 2 defense, with two high safeties. Stephen Hill, in the slot to the left, runs a deep post, taking the safeties deep, and out of the result of the play.  The receiver lined up stacked to the left runs the cornerback deep as well.  Bilal Powell, lined up in the backfield, throws a quick block, and runs an “out” into the flat.  Kerley, the targeted receiver, is circled in green.  He chips as well, before running a crossing pattern until he finds a soft spot in the defense.

So there are four options, two of them deep, one medium, and one short in the flat.  Roll the tape!

See the defenders, circled in red? Notice how they are moving backwards. That gives plenty of room for Kerley, again in green, to come across the middle and find an open spot in the defense, as all he has to beat is a linebacker.

Here is what Geno Smith’s vantage point looks like. Look at Kerley and the linebacker , marked in green. From here, it would appear to most that the receiver is covered, as the linebacker is in front of him.

But here is a time where the quarterback threw the receiver open. He throws to a spot, as indicated by the broken line.  He makes a beautifully placed throw, just beyond the outstretched arm of the linebacker.  Watch.

Geno puts the ball in just the right spot, over the arm of the linebacker into the arms of Jeremy Kerley.

Jeremy Kerley makes the catch, and 26 yards later, it’s first down for the Jets, and Geno Smith’s first NFL completion.

A well designed play, that generates options, followed by an accurate throw by the quarterback. Nice play!

We will look at a play from week two next time.