The New York Jets Should Pursue Eric Decker, but Not as a Number One

Eric Decker

has his two greatest seasons over the past two with the Denver Broncos. The question we examine is whether or not that production earns Eric elite status, and elite money.

I am a big fan of Eric Decker, and with good reason. His 1200+ receiving yards to go along with 11 TDs is nothing to be ashamed of. He, along with his famous quarterback, played a huge role in my winning a championship. I, as silly as it sounds, am very boisterously loyal to my fantasy players, especially when they win.

Eric Decker will be looking for the big money, coming off the past season, as well as the season prior. (the stats will be on the website).

There have been other wide receivers that create a similar type of hype. There have also been some big name wide receivers that have signed big deals, but don’t exactly blow Eric away when comparing production. Here are the stats for some specific receivers:

Decker is right there with the rest of those wide receivers, you know it at even just a quick glance at these number. The numbers don’t lie.

So, with all of these touchdowns, and all of those receiving yards, you could make an excellent case for the team to sign him for more than enough money to be a number one.  Why shouldn’t they?  Look at his numbers deeper and we will find out.  Here are his career numbers:

Receiving & Rushing

If you notice, his numbers have basically doubled since 2011. He went from 44 to 85 receptions rom 2011 to 2012, as well as from 612 yards to 1,064 yards. Something else happened here during the move from 2011 to 2012. The Broncos made an acquisition. Some guy, who was that again…….

Oh, yes, Peyton Manning. He came on the scene in 2012. Does anyone think that it’s coincidence that Decker’s numbers skyrocketed upon the arrival of Peyton Manning? OF COURSE NOT. That’s what great quarterbacks to, bring out the best in the people around them. That is just a fact. Great quarterbacks pull the most out of their teammates.

Does anyone think that at this point, Geno Smith is ready to bring out that same level of talent in somebody? I, for one, do not. He is still at the point of bringing out his own talent, he is not where he needs to be to bring that much out of Decker.

Even if you split the difference between 2011 and 2012, you see numbers that are a lot different from what you would expect of a number one. Here is an approximation:

60 receptions, 815 yards, and ten touchdowns.

Are these the numbers of a guy that deserves a spot on the team? Sure they are. A guy that can hit ten touchdowns is certainly a red-zone threat. But, are these the numbers of a number one receiver? Not really. They are similar to being Jeremy Kerley like numbers, and we have already been there and done that.

The moral of the story is go ahead and sign Eric Decker if you can, but don’t break the bank. The numbers don’t lie, he is not as good as some think that he is.