Where the Jets should look for talent this off season


The Jets were ranked 32nd out of 32 teams before the 2013 season started based on the talent level of the team. The Jets ended up going 8 and 8 with this team which was surprising to a lot of analysts. It wasn’t that everyone underestimated the talent of the team necessarily, it was more due to good coaching and great game planning. However, the Jets moving forward are going to want to be a competitive franchise, and nothing in this league is given, so they will have to improve in a lot of areas to do so. During the off season Idik will have free agency and the draft as the tools at his disposal to make this a competitive team, but which positions of need should be picked up where, let’s take a look:

Tight Ends/ Wide Receivers: This is one of the most important groups the Jets need to address, and they will need to do it in a big way. There is no one guy who will come in and make this group look like all stars, this is why the Jets need to look at both the draft, specifically the first round, and free agency. I am pretty sure between WR Mike Evans, WR Marqise Lee and TE Eric Ebron, one of these three will be available for the Jets with the 18th overall pick in the draft. All three are big play-makers and could provide a shot in the arm to a much maligned passing attack. However, with the likely departure of Santonio Holmes, free agency will give the Jets a chance to add a high quality experienced play-maker who would also provide a veteran presence in the locker room.

Outside Linebacker: Though many will say that the resurgence of Calvin Pace is a welcome sign, we cannot forget that age plays a big role in deciding who is on your roster. Pace is 33 years old and even if he is back next season he likely does not have much left in the tank. This is why the Jets should look to the draft to get young talent that could benefit from Pace’s experience while he is still around.

Offensive Line: It is no secret that the Jets O-line from 2013 is a far cry from the one they had in 2009 and 10, but we have some young blood here already. However, a veteran presence picked up in free agency would be a big help to fill in at the tackle spot to give time for the young guys to grow.

Safeties: I for one am tired of the carousel the Jets have been running at the safety position, it seems as though every year for the past couple of years it has been a revolving door with a lack of consistency between seasons. I think many Jet fans will want to see at least one young safety brought in through the draft that the team can develop. We already have Antonio Allen who’s spot was taken by Ed Reed when he joined up, and with another young gun, it won’t matter if we have one more year of the revolving door because we will know that there is developing young talent for the future.