New Year’s Resolution for New York Jets’ Fans


Dec 8, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets fans pose by a bonfire during tailgate festivities before the game against the Oakland Raiders at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year Jets’ fans and Jet Press followers. I, as well as the rest of the gang here at TJP thank you for spending part of your days with us, taking in and reading our Jets’ news and views. Whether you agree with us or not, it’s all about the Jets’, and here’s to another 12 months of talking Jets’ with all of you fine and knowledgable Jets’ fans.

That leads me into my topic this afternoon, a New Year’s resolution that I think is important for us in 2014.

The Jets finished the season 8-8. They have a guy in Geno Smith that is evolving right before our very eyes, into a guy that might just be the quarterback of the future. They have a two-headed running attack that is nasty, and an offensive line that got better as the season went along.

On defense, they have a front seven that is great, a defensive line that is terrific, and that is only going to get better. They may dominate for years to come. They have a coach that loves his team, and that the players love. They have a general manager that knows talent, that is evident. He will have the resources to work with in this off-season, with draft picks and a great deal of cap room available.

Why am I talking about this? Because the team is going in the right direction. No matter how we have felt about any individual moves, the team is headed up, which is what we ALL want.

Despite that, we had another year where something unfortunate went on. If you are on social media, you know what I am talking about. I’m talking about Jets fan on Jets fan crime. Anytime there was a problem, a down turn in fortunes, or anything else, everyone was on each other’s case.

It’s OK for us to disagree, I am not saying that. The greatest thing about sports is how we can disagree, and everyone has a supported point of view. But us Jets’ fans, we get NASTY with each other. Follow Twitter, there are so many occasions where people say things to the effect of, “if you believe (insert point) you are an idiot” or “you don’t really know football”, and other similar comments.

There is no question the team is getting better. Tanny is gone, and Idzik is here. We are on the rise. No matter the move that is made, it is made to keep us going in that direction. Is it necessary for us all to be so nasty to each other in 2014? Why not DISCUSS the team, and listen to each other’s points of view? We are ALL Jets fans. I don’t agree with everything people say, nor do I expect them to agree with what I say or write. But we are all entitled to have an opinion.

So, I say, let’s have a 2014 that is free of Jets fan on Jets fan crime. Let’s enjoy the rise of the New York Jets together, and embrace the changes. When we don’t agree, let’s debate, not insult each other.

No more Jets fan on Jets fan crime. Who’s with me?