New York Jets: Think Twice Before Firing Rex Ryan


The buzzards are circling around Florham Park as there is much speculation to whether this is Rex Ryan’s last home game as Jets head coach. You’ve heard the arguments, consistently bad offensively and seemingly uninterested in it, no playoffs last three years, too loyal towards veteran players especially from his past teams and a record of 20-26 since 2010. So fire the coach right? Simple just replace him and continue the rebuild. Are you sure?

Whether people want to believe it or not this is the first year of a rebuild. Even though Ryan had one year left before he became a lame duck coach, General Manager John Idzik drafted two defensive players that fit his scheme with both of the 1st round picks, he brought in Antwan Barnes to fill the rush backer role in the defense, as well as replenishing the running back core including power back Chris Ivory. The salary cap money and extra draft picks come this year and will restock the skill position players and stabilize the offensive line. This was always going to be a two-year process, especially with a rookie quarterback. This year has always been about evaluation and development of the young core. So what happens if you remove Rex Ryan’s defensive players from his scheme?

If you bring in some offensive guru like Darrell Bevell or Greg Roman then you have to wonder who they are going to bring in as their defensive coordinator. You also have to wonder if the young core will fit the new scheme or if the new coordinator will use them correctly. While there are good defensive coaches in the league they aren’t everywhere and it might be difficult to get one to play second fiddle to an offensive coach. Speaking of offensive coach if Rex goes so does Mornhinweg and Lee meaning Geno Smith has to learn a second system in two years, further stunting his development.The point is that the rebuild might take a year longer if a different coach is brought in because you have to get players to fit their scheme first then the following year fill in the holes and make a run at the playoffs. Nobody seemed to enjoy this rebuilding season, do you want to do it again next year?

Changing a coach has consequences, some that can be anticipated, some that can’t be and sometimes change for change’s sake isn’t the answer. Whether you want Rex Ryan fired or not just know that each action has far-reaching consequences and you might want to think a bit longer before making your mind.