New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes would take paycut to stay with team


As reported by Manish Mehta per Seth Walder on Twitter today, when asked if he would take a pay cut next season, Jets receiver Santonio Holmes replied “anything for the team”. Those familiar with the Jets cap situation know that Mike Tennenbaum left behind several over blown contracts to players who didn’t necessarily play up the levels of those contracts. Calvin Pace is one example who earlier in the season was cut to shed the hefty contract he was given, and resigned under more reasonable terms. As a result he is responding by having a bounce back season and aiming for a double digit sack count by the end of the season.

Santonio Holmes is another player on this roster with a hefty contract he is not playing up to. He has been plagued by injury a lot of this season and hasn’t done too much while on the field. Idzik came to the Jets with an entirely different mantra than his predecessor, resulting in a more frugal approach to building a team leading to low risk high reward signings like Chris Ivory and Josh Cribbs. Next season Idzik will look to shed the last of these contracts to make cap room for a young fresh team that can be a competitor for a long time to come. Unfortunately for Holmes under his current contract he does not fit into this plan.

Trading Holmes is likely not going to be an option especially considering the contract he will take with him. If we cut him there are likely not many teams who would seek his services, leaving him with not many options. His best chance to remain in the NFL next season is the pay cut he currently seems to be willing to take. Unfortunately for Holmes his chances are still slim even if he is willing to take the aforementioned pay cut. Even though he is a capable and experienced receiver with reliable hands most of the time, he will be turning 30 by the time next season starts which is getting up there for any position in the NFL. Whether he stays with the Jets or not next season remains to be seen, and perhaps a deflated contract will have the same effect as it did with Calvin Pace, but for now this is all speculation, and the fact that he is willing to take a pay cut is appreciated and shows that he does want to remain with the team.

Here is Manish’s tweet

RT @SethWalderNYDN Would Santonio Holmes accept another pay cut this offseason if team approached him? Holmes: “Anything for the team.” #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) December 18, 2013

What do you think Jet fans, do you want to see Holmes on this team next season, sound off in the comments.