Interview with New York Jets’ DL TJ Barnes


The young defensive lineman is happy to be a New York Jet

As I was able to do earlier in the season with now Texans linebacker Ricky Sapp, this week I was able to get in contact with a player on the New York Jets practice squad. Barnes is a big man coming in at 6’6, and 369 pounds. For the rookie, he is lucky to be able to learn from some of the best coaches, and assortment of defensive lineman in the league. Barnes is a first year player from Georgia Tech, who has a bright future ahead of him. I was able to ask Barnes 6 questions, here is how the interview went down.

1. The JetPress– As a kid was it always your dream to one day make the NFL?TJ Barnes– It wasn’t my dream at all. I wanted to play golf or be something other than a football player. I actually tried out for golf before football.

2. The JetPress– What is it like to play for the Jets, and Rex Ryan?TJ Barnes– It is awesome. It’s like I have been blessed beyond belief to land here with such a great staff. I love everyday.

3. The JetPress- What is the difference between playing at Georgia Tech, and playing in the NFL?TJ Barnes– Not having school, it makes focusing on football so much easier

4. The JetPress– Being on the practice squad is not easy, how do you continue to stay focused everyday?TJ Barnes– It’s fun. It also helps me get better with my techniques because I had been out of basketball for two months also. Of course I would like to be active, but my time hasn’t been called yet. So I just go out everyday and give the best look I can.

5. The JetPress– The defensive line is very strong for the Jets, is there a “leader” of the group?TJ Barnes– As a rookie, all of these are leaders to me. I try to absorb as much information as I can from all of those guys.

6. The JetPress– What is your ultimate goal for this year? How about the future?TJ Barnes– To become the best defensive lineman in the NFL, but it doesn’t happen overnight so I am putting in the necessary steps to reach that.

Check out these highlights:

While the Jets’ defensive line has been very strong this year, Barnes is a guy to keep an eye on for the future. The big defensive lineman can one day become a big time run stopper with him being such a big player. Barnes is still learning the technique like he said, but once he figures it all out, watch out offensive linemen. Big TJ Barnes is coming for you.