New York Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan Does the Dance Around the Ed Reed Topic


Here is a picture that I am sure Rex Ryan would be willing to recreate, don’t you? We know how loyal he is to “his” players, and we have heard him speak in glowing terms about Ed Reed before. Who could blame him? His career has been talked about over and over, including on this website.

But does have anything left? There has been much debate on this topic throughout the Jets world, even on this website we have run the gamete of opinions. But what does the coach have to say? At this moment in 2013, would coach Ryan want Ed Reed back on his team? Well, here is what he had to say about it yesterday:

It’s a logical question. Look, the way I am, so I could say absolutely yes. I would like him on our team. And I’ll say that knowing that you guys know me. I’d like to have Brandon Moore on the team. I’d like to have Alan Faneca on the team. Anybody that I’ve ever coached, that bled for me, I want them. Trevor Pryce, if Trevor called, I’d love to have Trevor on the team. That’s how I feel. The big picture of things, how it relates, all that, if we can get Ray Lewis in here, of course. But, the big picture of right now, the current football team, I’m probably not the right guy to make all those decisions. I think sometimes there’s a comfort level in knowing guys, without question, and guys that certainly played well for you, Damien Woody, I’d like those guys, without question.

But he does like the group of safeties that he has:

I really like them. I’ll tell you what, the one kid I think’s that has a chance to be really good, that’s Antonio Allen. I don’t think there’s any doubt. He played man coverage. He’s learning every day. You put him out there with an excellent veteran player like (Dawan) Landry, I think has been great for him as a mentor. I think you’ve got Jaiquawn (Jarrett) has done a good job for us. And then you also have (Josh) Bush back there that, unfortunately for him, he backs up Landry who never seems to take a play off. So, I think we have a good group of safeties.

Who knew that coach Ryan could boogie down that well? He likes his safeties, but would like anyone back on his team, including retired guys? I love listening to Rex. Of course he doesn’t want to give too much away, he doesn’t want to spill his hand to other teams.

Rex would love to have Ed Reed in NJ. It’s good to have the cooler hand of John Idzik there, to keep it real, make sure the guy has something left, and that it’s worth it for the guy to be brought in here.