Fool Rex Once Shame On You; Fool Rex Twice Shame On Rex


Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

You can say a lot of things about New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan, while some of them might not be the nicest, you cannot say Rex doesn’t learn from his mistakes. Whether it be making in-game adjustments with the coverage or personnel, or his overall approach as a head coach. Rex is great at adjusting and learning from his previous mistakes. Still high off the win against New Orleans, Rex Ryan said that we (Jets), “may have the best defensive player in the league right now.” He is undoubtedly talking about Muhammad Wilkerson who is making a very strong case on his own for the Pro Bowl. It was what Rex said earlier this week when he addressed the media that caught my attention. One of the reporters on hand at the press conference asked Rex about the comments he made regarding Mo Wilkerson. Ryan’s response was a simple, “I don’t know. I never said that.” Though he said this in a tongue in cheek manner, anyone who has been following the Jets knows that this isn’t typical Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan has been evolving as a coach right in front of our eyes. He no longer is the boisterous, loud mouth coach of 2009-2010. To put it plainly, Rex has learned to think before he speaks. I’m sure everyone remembers the entire Revis hold out the first etc. Rex was in the media outright stroking Darrelle Revis’ ego. The fact that he retracted his statement, though tongue in cheek, shows that he isn’t oblivious to what’s going on, and he’s willing to make necessary adjustments. We love Mo Wilkerson but the ugly business side of the game in unavoidable. If you were Mo’s agent, wouldn’t you use the fact that Rex is standing on top of his soapbox proclaiming your client is the greatest, or one of the greatest at his respective position as a bargaining chip? That sounds like a few more zeros as the end of my client’s salary. Rex said what he said in an emotional moment and can’t turn back the hands of time and undo it. What he did do though was attempt to adjust and remedy the situation. People say Rex has changed and they want Fat Rex back, and while they may be right for the most part, you cannot deny the fact that he doing and saying all the right things to make his way back as head coach next year.