New York Jets Fans Talk via Twitter About Geno Smith’s First Two Games


Sep 12, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) makes a call at the line of scrimmage during the fourth quarter against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. The New England Patriots won 13-10. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon, I wanted to piggy back a bit on Sean Durham’s excellent film piece from yesterday, regarding the positives and negatives regarding Geno Smith so far.  Take a look if you haven’t yet, he does an excellent job breaking down the game tape.

Now, I wanted to hear what the fans had to say, so I asked you all to give me a positive and negative about Geno Smith so far, through Twitter, and they will make up the thoughts in this post. So let’s get started as we hear from our buddy Hans:

@TheJetPress biggest plus: he’s cool calm and collected. biigest concern: needs to trust his receivers and get rid of the ball

— Hans (@ItsOasus) September 17, 2013

Absolutely true. He has the poise in the pocket that you cannot teach, he has to get rid of that football. You don’t get the time in the NFL that you do in college. Some similar thoughts here from Yung Simba Diamonds:

@TheJetPress his deep ball is accurate which is a big play threat but he needs to release the ball under 3.3 seconds

— Yung Simba Diamonds (@NickyDiamonds_) September 17, 2013

@TheJetPress biggest positive he can make every throw, doesn’t get fazed, tons of potential, negative is he stares down receivers to long

— abe (@blueandorange7) September 17, 2013

@TheJetPress doesn’t get rattled plays with poise. Good speed when he decides to run. He’s holds onto the ball too long tho

— Ryan Smith (@ryansmith1983) September 17, 2013

Those last two were from Ryan Smith, and Abe. It is interesting that everyone’s opinions are starting to fall in line with each other, that doesn’t happen much with us Jets’ fans.

Next we here from Patrick Suppa:

@TheJetPress confident in the pocket and shows lots of poise, needs to get the ball of faster and make quicker reads throwing

— Patrick Suppa (@Suppa97) September 17, 2013

@TheJetPress Positive: Poise, arm strength and accuracy, running ability Negative: Release time, footwork, trusting his arm to let loose

— Jets Fan Corey (@CoreyNYJets) September 17, 2013

The last was from good buddy “Jets Fan Corey”. Michael Seiback next, makes a good point about game reps:

@TheJetPress Geno shows poise in the pocket. He needs more game experience so he could make better reads

— Michael Seilback (@Seilback) September 17, 2013

This next one wasn’t going to be included, due to a Sanchez wise crack, but Steve Macinsky, Jr is a loyal reader of the site, so I will use it anyway:

@TheJetPress BIGGEST positive thus far is he is not Sanchez, although the production is very similar. Improve on getting Simms in the game.

— Steve Macinsky Jr. (@smacinskyjr) September 17, 2013

And finally, from Gavin Buck:

@TheJetPress plus = poise in the screen game & can throw it away. Improve = internal clock, needs to be quicker & staring doen receivers.

— Gavin David Buck (@gavdbuck) September 17, 2013

Thanks for all of the responses. So, it seems like Jets Nation is in agreement. They like the poise that Geno Smith has shown, and that he has the arm to make all of the big throws. He needs to learn to get the ball out faster, and that will come with more game reps.

Works for me.