John Idzik and Mark Sanchez on the Move to Short Term Injured Reserve


Sep 12, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) warms up prior to a game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Sep 8, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik during warmups before a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a day a lot of fans had been waiting for. Mark Sanchez was placed on injured reserve, with designation to return. He can practice in six weeks and be returned to the active roster in eight weeks. For the time being, this is Geno Smith’s team, and his job to lose.

John Idzik and Mark Sanchez held a conference call yesterday with the media. Here is what Mr. Idzik had to say about if they mis-diagnosed Mark’s injury:

No, not at all. This is not unusual. As you get into a rehab, everyone’s body is different. Every single injury is different. As I stated before, Mark had a similar type of injury to his throwing shoulder. He was able to come back without any missed time. So, if there was any chance for Mark to do that, certainly we wanted to afford him that chance. So, that’s why we listed him as day-to-day. It wasn’t misdiagnosed at all. We were literally taking it day-to-day. And now after a span of three weeks and after a little bit more information and looking forward, you kind of readjust your sites. In the back of our minds, we did consider do we use this type of designation, but obviously the last two weeks we felt there was a chance he could come back. Once we realized, at this point, the medical opinion, the general medical opinion was that let’s slow the train down a little bit. Let’s let this thing heal and that way his prognosis going forward would be much more solid. So, that’s what we did. Actually, right now it times up pretty well, first and foremost for Mark medically, but also for us as a club. There’s a natural break at the bye and Mark can get ingrained right during that time.

The timing does line up nicely with the bye week, which should help. John was asked again about whether or not it was a mistake to put Mark into the game against the Giants. He held to the company line of no, and that has to annoy Mark. He would likely be put more at ease if the Jets would admit the mistake.

Now here is Mark talking about the remarks he made on Thursday:

I think the most important thing is we’re looking forward. I’m not going to say much about that other than there was a false report about my medical health from ESPN. Rich (Eisen) gave me an opportunity to clear that up. The only thing I said about competing for the job or winning the competition is the same thing I’ve said since spring, that I’m going to compete and plan to win the job. I’ve said that from day one. I’ve planned to be the starter since I was a rookie. So, nothing’s changed there. Now, I’m in a position where I have to wait a little time. I think we’re making the decision that’s best for the team (and) best for my medical health. We’re all on the same page. I’ll come back hopefully in eight weeks and be ready to play.

He was asked if the organization has done right by him here, and here is what Mark had to say:

I don’t know what else they could have done for me in this situation after I’ve been injured. The team doctors, John Idzik, (Senior Director, Media Relations) Bruce Speight, (Head Athletic Trainer) John Mellody, every doctor we’ve talked to, we’ve all talked together and we’ve all been on the same page. It’s been an open line of communication. There have been no secrets. I’m not blindsided by the I.R. (Injured Reserve/Designated for Return) situation. This whole thing has been out in the open and we feel great about it. That’s been the best part about working with this team and doing what’s right for the team. I think in my position now, I’m trying to help Geno (Smith). I’m trying to help these other guys, keep them fired up, get (them) ready to go, give them as much info as I can on these games as they approach us and this I.R. situation gives us an opportunity to have another roster spot. And if that roster spot can help us make plays and win games, that’s the most important thing right now. In my little world, I’m trying to get back and help this team in any way I can, so that’s what I’m doing and we’re all doing the same thing. I think it’s working out perfectly, I enjoy doing it and I love being part of this organization.

I am still not so sure this is the right move. Ending his season might be the best thing for the team and for Mark, but this is how they have decided to go. The timing is interesting, that they made this decision on the heels of his comments to the media. But, it is what it is. Mark has likely taken his last snap in New York as a home team member anyway.