New York Jets vs Detroit Lions: Quick Hits


Sanchez hit tight end Jeff Cumberland for a nice TD reception tonight vs the Lions

Before I start, I must say it was a great feeling to be able to sit and watch some Jets football again. The Detroit Lions ended up winning the game 26-17, but I was relatively happy with what I saw from the Jets, granted it is the first preseason game and there is plenty of time for improvement. Here are some things I observed from the game.PROS-1- The receivers stepped up- All night I was pleasantly surprised by the play of the Jets wide receivers. I thought Ben Obomanu had a really solid game and certainly helped his chances f making the team. Stephen Hill as well as other important pieces made some nice plays today, which is very important with the status of Santonio Holmes still unknown.

2. Jaiquawn Jarrett is here to stay- Although it is not nearly as talked about as the QB competition, the Jets have a nice battle going for the Safety spot opposite Dawan Landry. I thought Jarrett had a very nice game, and is a player to watch in the next few weeks.

3. 1st team Defense- The Jets first team defense looked good when they were on the field. Besides for one big gain for Calvin Johnson, I thought the D looked good as a whole. Aside from a few miscommunications ( which are expected game 1), the defense certainly held its own out there today.


1. Penalties- Preseason or not, you cannot win a game when you commit a bunch of penalties. Today the Jets had a bunch of penalties that really hurt some good field position. The offensive line really struggled with penalties which brings me to my next point.

2. Backup offensive line- This may have been the weakest unit on the field all night. Guys continued to get beat off the line forcing pressure on QB Greg McElroy. It is safe to say OL coach Mike Devlin has his work cut out for him at this point.

3. Pick 6- Although Sanchez battled back and led a nice drive for a touchdown afterward, you cannot throw an interception especially when you are inside the 20. Interceptions are something Sanchez definitely needs to limit in order to get the starting job.

Overall I thought this was a pretty solid game by the Jets, but they certainly have a lot of work to do. Also the Jets suffered a fair share of injuries tonight. John Griffin, Geno Smith, Garrett Mcintyre all suffered injuries, keep an eye out for the report on these guys, as always thanks for reading!