Play by Play/Recap of the 2013 New York Jets’ Green and White Game


Aug 3, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) calls a play in the huddle during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Craig Hoffman checking in from Cortland with a first hand take on the Green and White game.

No Chris Ivory but he was playing around on the field and did not have a limp or look restricted. No wraps were visible on either hamstring. McKnight is out with a head injury no known severity as per Brian Costello. I do not see Kellen Winslow Jr. in warmups.

Both punters excelled in coffin corner drills, the hang times were impressive. Quigley was doing it flat-footed. Zach Rogers muffed two punts in warmups but Kerley looked solid along with Mike Edwards.

Kickers were both good from 52 but Cundiff hit from 60.

Pregame 11 on 11 drill Smith connects on a 40 yard bomb to Jeremy Kerley. Sanchez connects deep to Ben Obamanu.

Geno Smith is the first team starter for the opening series. Milliner broke up a pass to Gates. Smith to Hilliard complete with huge pressure from Demario Davis. Smith to Hill in traffic for 9. Bilal Powell with a beautiful run for a gain of 24. A laser complete to Gates for a gain of 10 on a slant. Wildcat TD for Powell negated by an illegal formation penalty. Smith scramble for 7 negated by holding penalty. Gorgeous out route to Gates for 15. Wildcat Powell stuffed for gain of 1. Great break up by Harris on a pass to Powell looked fast. 4th and goal shovel pass to Powell incomplete. Smith was under control and poised no sacks taken. 1st team o-line held up pressure only from extra blitzers.

Smith 4 for 6 for 60 yards Powell 2 rushes for 24 yards

Sanchez with 2nd team vs 2nd team defense. Sanchez to Reuland gain of 2. Sanchez on a scramble gain of 6. Bad snap handled by Sanchez and thrown dangerously to Hayden Smith incomplete. 4th down and 2 is a punt. Which is bombed by Malone for 70 yards and a touchdown. 2nd team o-line held up well.

Sanchez 1 for 2 for 2 yards

2nd team offense with Sanchez vs 1st defense. John Griffin for 2 yards stopped by Coples. Pace comes unblocked off the edge forcing an incompletion. Demario Davis at OLB. Sanchez pass to Reuland should have been caught short of 1st. Punt from Quigley 60 yards fair catch. Run blocking is spotty.

Sanchez total 1 for 4 for 2 yards overall

1st team offense vs 2nd team defense. Smith poor pass behind Cumberland. Smith keeper for 2 yards. Smith complete to Gates gain of 3 pressure from Sapp and Jarrett. Punt by Malone 58 yard punt fair catch.

Smith overall 5 for 8 for 63 yards

Simms in at QB. Run by Griffin gain of 1 Leger Douzable on tackle. Deep ball to Collins incomplete pressure by Douzable. Simms picked by Eric Crocker on an awful throw to no one.

Simms 0 for 2 0 yards 1 INT

McElroy in at QB. Run for loss of one by Span. Pass compete to Pantale gain of 8. Pass complete to Rogers for 7 well placed. Span for 10 broke tackles. Span for 2. Wide receiver screen complete to Spadola for a loss of 5. A bomb to Spadola for a 48 yard TD an incredible catch beat Fletcher who had good coverage. Spadola can play and is a serious threat to make the squad.

McElroy 4-4 58 yards 1TD Spadola 2 catches for 43 yards 1TD

Sanchez with 1st team O vs 1st team D. Sweep right blown up by Harris. Kerley with a nice catch settling down in the zone for 14. Sanchez to Cumberland for 6 almost got him killed. Powell with two good cuts for 9 great blocking by Howard. Sanchez incomplete to Kerley a drop. Tommy Bohanon for 9. Sanchez quick out to Kerley for 5 on Kyle Wilson. Sanchez sacked by Landry he fell over avoiding Landry. Terrific screen to Powell for 8 Powell is elusive. Barnes had pressure. Sanchez overthrows Gates would have been TD. 4th and 13 field goal attempt 39 yards is good.

Sanchez 4 for 6

Geno in 2nd team O vs 2nd team D False start. Smith sacked but play was offsides. Screen to Griffin for 2 yards. False start again. Handoff up the middle for 3. Great pass breakup by Lankster on a pass to Hill.

Smith 1 for 2 for 2 yards

McElroy in at QB Simms skipped. McElroy to Hazelton for 70 yards and a TD on busted coverage the throw was easy.

McElroy 1 for 1 70 yards TD

Sanchez with 1s vs 2s defense Sanchez picked off by Cro pretty easily.

Aug 1, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland (87) during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Geno 2s vs 1s defense

Smith complete to Cumberland for 18. Powell stuffed by entire d line for 1. Smith to Edwards for 6 had some zip on it. Smith to Gates for 6. Offsides on Kenrick Ellis. Inside handoff to Powell for 4. Span with a nice cut for 6 negated by a holding penalty. Smith passed bobbled and dropped by Spadola. Pass to Kerley incomplete off of his hands.

Smith 3 for 5 30 yards total

Sanchez vs 2nd team D

Double reverse to Gates destroyed by Douzable for a loss of 7. Sanchez with the bomb to Hill who clearly pushed off on Lankster.

QB Totals Smith 9 for 15 for 92 yards 0 TD 0 INT

Sanchez 7 for 14 for 83 yards 1 TD 1 INT

McElroy 5 for 5 for 113 yards and 2 TDS (vs 3rd team only not vs any starters)

Highlights Smith in control on first drive not fazed by pressure in his face. Smith drove better with 2nd unit as well he had more rhythm and better control. Smith won the day today by making fewer mistakes and consistency. He looked the part.

Sanchez not in rhythm with 2nd team offense. Sanchez had 1 good drive with first team offense but had a bad overthrow to end it then got picked by Cro on the next series. Last play bomb to Hill was a pretty throw.

Milliner good pass breakup. Nothing from Richardson, Wilkerson, Coples of note. Barnes got some pressure. A ton of corner and safety blitzes.

Gates flashed well is running good routes and is quick. Kerley was open all day made a few catches but had a drop or 2 as well. Spadola has serious talent especially down the field. Powell ran strong, broke tackles and cut well. Span was quick through the hole as well.

Davis played multiple LB positions. Leger Douzable stuffed the run and pressured the QB. Harris was very quick on a pass breakup to Powell.

McElroy was on target to 3rd stringers.

First team offense line played well, second needs a lot of work with penalties and flow.