Can The New York Jets Rely on Josh Bush?


When the Jets snagged Safety Josh Bush in the 2012 NFL Draft I immediately began doing my homework on him as I didn’t know much about him and the homework had me impressed.  The instinctive play, the smooth and fluid hip movement is something that immediately stood out to me.

This is a great and opportune time to be a talented Safety on the Jets roster.  The Jets lost Pro-Bowl Safety Laron Landry and reliable veteran Safety Yeremiah Bell to free agency which in turn forced the Safety position OPEN for BUSINESS.  I think Bush can get the business DONE.  I do…. no he didn’t light the highlight reel up or make bone crushing hits from the Safety position prior to being drafted but of course we know that’s not what matters as any player can make an impact on a team depending on how hungry and determined he is.  Bush is one of many players that is competing for a vacant spot this summer and I believe he’ll garner a starting position and won’t look back.

Jets 2nd year talented Safety Josh Bush is expected to make an immediate impact this season for Gang Green.

Can the Jets rely on Josh Bush?

Depends on who you ask of course.  I for one believe he can and that belief is derived only from the promising feeling I get from him and the talents and attributes that he has, nothing more.  So of course Bush may be nothing more than a role player in Rex’s defense, of course he may not even hold the starting spot throughout the duration in camp but I’m confident that  he’ll give the Jets more than that and I for one won’t be surprise when he does.  Relying on Bush in Rex’s defense essentially means relying on his discipline against Tight Ends and being called upon to handle occasional one on one assignments against RBs out of backfield, Slot WRs and Tight Ends.  The Jets will find out early if he is up for the task.

Bush is a highly underrated and flexible athlete with good foot quickness and rangy speed to cover a lot of ground. He has good awareness and knows how to track the ball in the air and go get it. He’s great at competing for positioning in coverage, using his body to box-out the receiver. Bush is very versatile, with experience at both free safety and cornerback and experience like that is priceless in a Rex Ryan defense.  As we know, Rex loves to dial-up exotic and confusing blitzes while depending on DB’s remaining disciplined in their assignments.  Bush has already been named the “starter” going into camp but of course anything can change,  However, I’ve been a fan of Bush’s attributes and abilities since the Jets drafted him and I don’t see him looking back.  The Jets signed Dawan Landry (Laron’s brother) to replace his brother but the Jets are in desperate need of a free ranging ball hawking safety with instincts and solid coverage skills and they just may have that in Josh Bush, but only time will tell.  The Jets will go into camp with a few notable competitions at key positions but the competition at the Safety position should be highly competitive and a highly important competition that should get plenty of attention.  The Jets have a lot of important question marks at more than a few positions and the Safety position is certainly one of those positions.  Here’s to Josh Bush doing his thing this summer and giving the Jets faithful something to be proud of this upcoming season. Not sure if the Jets can rely on Bush coming out of the gates but I believe by mid-season he’ll have solidified himself as a very important player on this Jets defense.   I’m Team Bush, what about you?