New York Jets Toy With Idea Of Geno Smith as Change of Pace QB???


Jun 11, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6), New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy (14) and New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) during the New York Jets minicamp session at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

There are times in life when deja vu is a good thing. At times, a reoccurrence from the past can be a good thing.

This is not one of those times.

We know there is a quarterback competition between Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez. Conventional wisdom would tell us that one of these quarterbacks will earn the starting job, and the other will be the backup, and that’s it. The Jets, however, aren’t famous for the use of “conventional” wisdom.

According to beat reporter Rich Cimini, the Jets are toying with the idea of using Geno Smith, if he doesn’t earn the starting job, as a change of pace quarterback. They would be thinking about a similar use to what they were hoping for with Tim Tebow.

What do I think? In how many languages can I say that this is a terrible idea? Not enough.

We can only hope that the Jets are simply toying with this idea, because it’s a bad idea on far too many levels. First of all, it’s a bad idea from the Jets’ perspective. Let’s think about last season, for example. Even though he wasn’t what they expected, they tried this with Tim Tebow. HOW DID THAT WORK OUT? The change of pace QB was terrible, and Mark Sanchez was out of sync for an entire season.

So here’s a great idea, let’s try it again! One year later, maybe we can make it work better. They have a term for this, it’s called “Jets logic”. We call it stupid. Same thing.

We had this discussion before, in relation to my favorite backup quarterback, who can remain nameless. The talk about having two quarterbacks that play at the same time. Look around the league. Do you see it happen anywhere? No. Nobody does this, and nobody will do this. Why? Because it doesn’t work. Dallas tried it in the 1970’s and it nearly ruined both of their quarterbacks. Even the 49ers, who had brief success with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick, chose one over the other.

Even a team with success doing it, knew that it wouldn’t continue.

Here’s an idea. If Geno Smith isn’t ready to start yet, how about letting him sit and learn the game? Let him learn how to play quarterback in the NFL. Crazy, huh? I guess so.

By the way, does anybody think that this is a good idea for Geno Smith? Was he a runner in college. Well, per an article on Yahoo! yesterday, Smith ran the ball 245 times for 342 yards, a whopping 1.4 yards per carry.  Does that sound like the stats of a prototypical read-option quarterback.  NO!!!!!!!

Dear Jets, whoever is “toying” with this idea, please wake up.  Wake up, and then apologize for the thought, PROFUSELY!  Apologize before you screw up another quarterback.  PLEASE!