A closer look at the 2013 New York Jets Receiving Core


Santonio Holmes will look to come back with a strong season after missing majority of 2012.

It is no secret that the Jets have themselves a quarterback competition between Mark Sanchez and rookie Geno Smith. But without a strong group of receivers, neither of these guys will be very successful this season. Last year, the Jets receivers were not very strong in any area. When veteran #1 receiver Santonio Holmes went down early on with a serious Lisfranc injury, the group suddenly became that much weaker. Coming into 2013, there are still many questions on whether the receivers are strong enough for the Jets to be successful. In this article I will take a look at some receivers you should expect to see a lot of this year.

Santonio Holmes– While Tone is often criticized, when he is healthy, he is far and away the Jets number one receiver. Before suffering a serious injury last season, Holmes was having a very respectable season. While Sanchez and Holmes have not always agreed on things, it is safe to say that Holmes has ben a huge part of the offense throughout his career as a New York Jet. One thing about Holmes that is not often talked about is how valuable he is in teaching the other young receivers. With Holmes having many years of experience, his knowledge is huge when teaching the other players. Coming into 2013, I expect Tone to have a respectable year and once again be the Jets #1 receiver.

Stephen Hill– Coming into last season as a second round selection, Hill had very lofty expectations and was thrust into the starting lineup right away opposite Holmes. To say the least, Hill had a very inconsistent rookie season. At times he flashed star potential, but on other occasions he looked lost on the field. The one play that sticks in my mind is the costly drop in the redzone in New England. Coming into 2013, I believe Hill may be the most important part of the Jets offense. Hill has all the tools it takes to become a very solid player, he just needs to put it all together. Look for Hill to once again see a bunch of playing time in his second season.

Jeremy Kerley– Last season, Kerley was by far the best receiver the Jets had last season. Kerley was the number one receiver for QB Mark Sanchez and he had a very solid season in the absence of Santonio Holmes. Kerley has the ability to play both on the outside, or play the slot. In my opinion, I think he is better suited for the slot. With his combination of speed and strong route running, he could create many mismatches against linebackers and safeties. In 2013 I expect Kerley to once again have a solid season. With Holmes back he may not have as many catches, but he still will be used heavily in the Jets offense.

The rest of the receivers While the three I mentioned are locks to make the roster, these guys are all fighting for a shot to see the field. This group consists of Ben Obamanu, Zach Rogers, Ryan Spadola, Marcus Davis, Thomas Mayo, and many others. These guys will have a chance to prove they belong once training camp and preseason games start. If I had to take a guess, I would say Rogers makes the opening day roster.

The Jets still have very questionable group of receivers. Heading into 2013, this may be one of the weakest groups on the team. If the Jets expect to be successful this season, these guys will need to step up.