The Characteristics of a New York Jets Fan: The Unfortunate Ones


Jun 11, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets fans shop before the New York Jets minicamp at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everybody. As promised, we continue our two-part series, “The Characteristics of a New York Jets Fan”. It’s a series that is looking at your demeanour  in various situations, and talk about which characteristics are important and which are not.

Yesterday, we talked about the positive characteristics of a Jets fan.  Today, we are going to look at the not-so enjoyable .  We look at some traits that aren’t so great, but are ones that we have to have in order to remain Jets fans.  As we all know, this is a harder road.

(Note: this is tongue in cheek for entertainment only)


Clearly, this is our chief sin.  Every single one of us are gluttons for punishment, aren’t we?  It has been almost half of a century since the Jets have achieved the ultimate success.  We have spent the last 43 years, or whatever part we have been around for, getting our hearts broken.  We have seen butt-fumbles, shovel pass INTs, and everything in between.  We have to be gluttons for punishment in order to take what we have taken, and come back.


We are also not the fastest chickens in the coup.  Most of us, after continuously enduring pain, make a life change.  You know that saying, “If your arm hurts when you raise it, don’t raise it?”.  Normally, when you endure pain, you stop doing what causes the pain, no?  Not us.  Our team keeps causing us pain, yet we keep coming back for more.  We aren’t smart enough to move on, we need help.


We all also go through bouts of deep depression.  It’s the only way we can go along with what we see year after year after year.  Depression causes indifference.  You aren’t motivated to do very much so you end up staying in bed.  You accept what is going on around you, and let it go by.  You want to sleep a lot, and just let the world go by when you are depressed.

Normal happy individuals would see the failure that we have seen, and do something about it.  They would look for a team that is likeable, and seems like it might have success. Not us.  We take our licks, and we keep on ticking.  We stay right where we are.  Why?  Because we aren’t a happy bunch.

See?  It takes a lot to be a New York Jets fans.  Some of the characteristics you need are great, and some you don’t really want.  But, it makes us an interesting bunch.