Who on the New York Jets has a chance to shine this 2013 Preseason?


Remember those games not too long ago where you saw David Clowney streaking down the sideline, or a deep post catching multiple touchdowns and 100+ yard receiving games? The preseason for two years looked like the Brett Ratliff to David Clowney convention. People thought, if he just had a chance to play on the active roster, he could be something special. That never panned out, but every year there’s that guy that kills in the preseason. Who will it be this year, and will they make the opening day roster?

QB: Conventional thinking to me would be that if David Garrard weren’t retired again, Geno Smith might have started #3 on the depth chart and absolutely tore up the third string. Now I think he may start # 2 on the depth chart, and will still do the same. Playing against back ups he will look like the #1 pick in the draft. However, if he gets the chance to play with the 1st team offense, he may look like a rookie.

RB: John Griffin. Chris Ivory is battering and fast. Joe McKnight is revamped and out to prove his worth. John Griffin from UMass was a baller last summer, and he will be the guy to again carry the load and show his versatility this preseason. He still won’t make the final roster.

WR: Marcus Davis VT. The 6’4 230 lb rookie hasn’t made any news in OTA’s, but I have a feeling he is the next David Clowney. When he actually gets in a game against at 3rd string defense, he might be able to haul in catch after catch. QB’s have a tendency to target safe throws, and he looks like an easy completion waiting to happen.

TE: Konrad Reuland. Even though Hayden Smith and Jeff Cumberland get all the talk as the potential starting TE. Konrad Reuland has never played poorly, and seemingly always done his job. If he continues that trend he could be a preseason favorite to start at tight end.

FS: Rontez Miles. This guy might not be a free safety, but he is a safety. He also has one of the most memorable roads to the NFL you would want to hear. His athleticism and aggressiveness are over abundant, and the only reason he was an undrafted free agent is because he chose to be sort of speak. If you don’t know who this guy is you can find his story here

That is my way too early prediction for the all-preseason team. They may not be household names, but I think because of where they are on the depth chart, they have a chance to stand out and make some plays.