New York Jets 2013 NFL Draft Grades Out with a B from Walter Football


Apr 26, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets first round selection cornerback Dee Milliner answers questions during a press conference at the New York Jets Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

With the draft being completed, now it’s time for the grades. The draft experts now chime in as to how well, or not so well, they believe the teams did, and assess a grade.

Our friends at Walter Football take a look at each team, and grade the draft, based on the value of each pick to the team.

As far as the Jets are concerned, Walter Football gave the Jets one “A”, four “B”‘s, and two “C+”‘s, which averages out to a solid “B“.

The high-grade was given to Geno Smith, even though they felt Smith wouldn’t want to come here due to the lack of offensive fire power.

The low-grade goes to Dee Milliner and William Campbell, although the harsher review was the choice of Milliner.  Take a look at their grades below, thanks again to our friends at Walter Football:

9. Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama:  C+ Grade            The Jets essentially traded Darrelle Revis for Dee Milliner. I just don’t get why they’d deal Revis to just take another cornerback when they have two corners on the roster (Antonio Cromartie, Kyle Wilson) who proved themselves to be capable starters after Revis went down. Milliner had just six interceptions in his college career. He also was never asked to backpedal. Alabama cornerbacks have a history of busting in the NFL, so the Jets better hope that Milliner doesn’t continue that tradition.

13. Sheldon Richardson, DE/DT, Missouri:  B Grade            Wow, Sheldon Richardson before Sharrif Floyd and Star Lotulelei? Many will bash this selection, I’m sure, but I don’t mind it. Sheldon Richardson is the top interior pass-rusher who fits the 4-3 and 3-4 – which is key for New York because Rex Ryan loves to use both looks. I’m not sure why Richardson wasn’t considered a higher-rated prospect. The Jets had to bolster their pass-rush, and they did just that with Richardson.

39. Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia:    A Grade        This is the last place I’d want to go if I were Geno Smith because the Jets have absolutely nothing to work with on offense. But I imagine after waiting all Thursday evening, he’s just relieved to be drafted by someone. This is a great pick for New York though because Smith was considered an option for the No. 1 overall pick when he was winning games. The Jets needed a quarterback, and Smith was the top signal-caller in this entire draft class. It’s going to be fun watching Smith duel E.J. Manuel twice per year. I’m sure Smith will be extra motivated for that.

72. Brian Winters, G, Kent State:    B Grade         The Jets signed Willie Colon this offseason, but they needed another guard to compete with Vladimir Ducasse. This is the right range for Brian Winters, so this is a pretty solid pick.

141. Oday Aboushi, G/OT, Virginia:    B Grade         Still no skill-position players, but upgrading the offensive line isn’t a bad move. Oday Aboushi played tackle in college, but he may have to move to guard in the NFL because of his short arms. Having said that, it’s a good idea to find protection for Geno Smith.

178. William Campbell, DT, Michigan:    C+ Grade         I mocked William Campbell to the Jets in the seventh round at one point, so this pick makes sense to me. He’s another interior lineman, but he’s much different than Sheldon Richardson.

215. Tommy Bohanon, FB, Wake Forest:    B Grade        A fullback in the seventh round? Why not? The Jets needed one. Logical pick.

Giving a “B” to Bohanon is a bit friendly to me, as we talked about in the earlier post.  The Jets may have needed a fullback, but they could hav just as easily chosen one as a UDFA after the draft.  There were weapons available at this selection that would have been far more important than a fullback.

You can imagine that I don’t agree with giving Geno Smith an A either.  Other than that, the grades are fair, similar to mine.  What do you guys think?  Sound off below as always.