2013 Fansided NFL Mock Draft: The New York Jets Select…


This week’s 2013 Fansided NFL Mock Draft has been released and this week the guys over at Fansided had somewhat of double duty on their hands as they now were responsible for an extra Jets draft selection in the 1st round by way of the recent Revis trade.  The Jets currently possess the #9 and #13 draft spots in this year’s NFL Draft 1st Round order so the Jets no longer have one but they now have two chances to screw up a 1st round selection.  Let’s get right into where the guys over at Fansided see the Jets headed with those 2 picks then, we provide brief analysis of the selections…

Mingo is a ferocious edge pass rusher and the Jets have been missing that type of pass rusher for a very long time now.

The Selections:

9. New York Jets – Tavon Austin, Wide Receiver, West Virginia

The Jets need playmakers on both sides of the ball and it doesn’t get more dynamic than Austin. The team has two first round picks after the Revis trade, so they can afford to take an offensive player early.

13. New York Jets (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – Barkevious Mingo, Outside Linebacker, LSU

Continuing with the theme of adding playmakers on both sides of the ball, the Jets get one of the most naturally talented pass rushers in the 2013 draft.

Tavon Austin would give the Jets an immediate playmaking WR that opposing defenses would have no choice but to gameplan aroun

The Prospects:

Both Tavon and Barkevious are naturally gifted athletes that have been aided over the past 2 months by a great combine showing.  Both players put on a great performance at the combine thus causing their stocks to essentially skyrocket.  Mingo is as good an edge pass rusher as there is in this draft if not the best.  He possesses an uncanny ability to get around solid OTs to essentially get to the QB.  His motor is pretty relentless and his freakish attributes would make him a tough pass rusher to contain off the edges.

Austin is a freak within his own rights.  One of Geno Smith’s reliable targets at WVU this past season, Austin shot up the boards after putting down an impressive 4.34 at February’s combine in Indy.  Austin possess elite speed, the ability to stretch any defense, insanely explosive, reliable hands, has a very quick release off the line, pretty much a threat to score on any reception and just flat-out dangerous as a ball carrier even out of the backfield.

Bottom line:

As stated in the selection portion, the Jets are in desperate need of playmakers on both sides of the football and these 2 players would most likely be the best combo of players the Jets can put together at 9 and 13.  Sure the Jets have other options with their newly acquired draft pick like trading back for more picks but if they were to stay at 9 and 13 then it’d be hard to argue with them going after these 2 players to help inject some life into a lifeless football team and organization right now.