Todd McShay 2013 Mock Draft Version 5.0: The New York Jets Select……………


The draft is finally getting close. With all of the preview work that is done leading up, by our site included, doesn’t it feel like we prepare for about a year for the draft? It’s almost like a tease, because once the draft comes and goes, we are in the middle of the new league year, but until then, it feels like it never is going to start.

Tonight, we are 8 days away from the start of round 1. The curtain goes up at Radio City Music Hall, Roger Goodell gets the ball rolling, and away we go.

So we continue our reviews, evaluations…etc. ESPN Insider Todd McShay released his 5th version of his Mock draft, during the latter part of last week.

With this version of the mock, McShay does do things a bit differently this time. Instead of just picking one player and justifying, he gives us a tradtional pick, and some scenarios where others might be chosen, depending upon how things go.

So, let’s see what Todd had to say about our New York Jets on this one.:

First the individual choice for the Jets:


An interesting choice. Here is Todd’s scenario:

This turn of events is the perfect storm for a Jets team likely to part ways with disgruntled CB Darrelle Revis. Filling a major need with an elite player at this pick would be a slam dunk.

But, with possible trades, here are two other scenarios that Todd gives us:

Mingo’s upfield explosiveness could be intriguing to coach Rex Ryan and his staff, who could surely put together a plan to maximize Mingo’s skills.

The Jets brought in G Willie Colon, but Vladimir Ducasse has become a second-round bust and New York could opt for the top guard on the board. In this case, that’s Jonathan Cooper.

It is an interesting year, because Todd is right. The scenarios, and what might happen, are not so clear cut. Typically we have a pretty good idea where teams in the ten are going to make their selections from. All three of these players are good players, but I am going to visit each scenario one by one.

I am going to take the scenarios out of order, though, just for topic flow.

You guys know how I feel about scenario number 3. I don’t like taking a guard this early. Cooper would be a fine choice, but the move is too soon. A guard that can be an anchor to an offensive line can be had outside the top 10. Left tackle? Maybe. Center? Sure. But a guard is too early from the number 9 spot.

Now, to pair the next two scenarios together. Milliner is an interesting idea. The Jets will certainly be interested, assuming that they trade Darrelle. This could be the way to go. Coming from the University of Alabama, he is as good of a prospect at CB in this draft as anybody.

However, I submit to you that this move is not the way they need to go either, for a couple of reasons. The pass defense was quite good in 2012, without Darrelle. Cromartie was excellent, and Kyle Wilson is getting better. This defense can have sustained success with those two on the outside.

However, keep this other fact in mind. No matter how good your defensive backs are at covering receivers, they can’t cover them forever. If there is no rush on the quarterback, the receivers will eventually get open. Which is why, of Todd’s 3 scenarios, I choose number 3.

Barkevious Mingo would be a great choice, as would Ansah, Jarvis Jones, and Dion Jordan as well. If the Jets defense had a consistent rush off the edge, it goes from good to elite. So hopefully the Jets stick to their guns and take a pass rusher with the 9th pick.

If they trade, however, it’s a very different question…..stay tuned..