Thoughts on the New York Jets Pre-Draft Press Conference


Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, we heard from John Idzik, Terry Bradway, and the director of college scouting, during a “Pre-Draft” press conference, this afternoon from Jets headquarters at Florham Park.

To put it simply, John Idzik put on an absolute clinic on how to handle the New York media. It was a thing of beauty.

Oh, it started off as advertised, being draft-related. Idzik talked about how the preparations are a collaborative effort, and how the departments work with each other to get the scouting reports, big boards, ..etc. done. So much work is done behind the scenes, it is great fun when team executives pull the curtain down a bit to show us what really happens. And how can you not love listening to Idzik talk about a team effort? Instead of making sweeping changes in his first year, John worked hard to respect and work within the processes that were already in place, for the good of the team. John is clearly committed to the Jets, and there is nothing we can do but love that.

And then, the fun began. John Idzik vs the Jets beat reporters. Let’s get ready to rumBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the brief time that Idzik and company used at the beginning of the session, we were on to the favorite topic of the beat reporters.

Topic: ‘Everything you should ask the Jets because they made it clear they don’t want to talk about it”.

It may have been 10 seconds into the open questioning session before John Idzik didn’t make it clear that he didn’t want talk about it. OK, he made it clear to Stevie Wonder, but yet the broadcasters couldn’t make this GIGANTIC leap of faith? Come on now.

And yet, they kept going? No, I wasn’t surprised, just annoyed. At a draft conference, the questions were “Revis this…. “Is Revis….”, “What is Revis Doing?”, etc. Every question for 15-20 minutes was about Darrelle Revis, and had some sprinkled in questions regarding Tim Tebow as well.

So how did John do? Perfectly, as if he had been an executive here in New York for many years. He took a Godfather-like position, keeping the family business within the family. Everyone asked the same questions, and John stayed true to how he is going to, and has asked every day since he has been here. There have been no leaks to speak of since Idzik arrive, and the Jets are outwardly focused on football. They are working the business end behind closed doors, and leaving us out of it.

And when the NY beat tries to get it out of him, Idzik has no fear to close the door on a topic. John Idzik will be a pain in the neck for media to handle, and we will all enjoy watching it.

Maybe if the mainstream media, and today was the prime example, would actually listen to what Idzik has to say, they might find themselves with more information.