2013 Fansided NFL Mock Draft: New York Jets Select……


This week’s Fansided 2013 NFL Mock Draft is out and the Jets selection is a pass rusher that has been linked to the Jets before but not as much as other pass rushers.  Lets jump right into the analysis……

The Selection:

“9. New York Jets – Ezekiel Ansah, Defensive End/Outside Linebacker, BYU

The Jets are looking to add a pass rusher and Ansah has the most upside out of anyone in this draft class. If the Jets decide to go an unconventional route, a name to watch would be North Carolina’s Sylvester Williams, who could jump off of the board much earlier than people imagine.”

Ezekiel Ansah is a talented/phsical pass rusher the Jets can use off the edges but his inexperience has been called into question!

The Prospect:

BYU’s  DE Ezekiel Ansah is raw but talented prospect that has been getting alot of looks lately after his stellar performance in The Senior Bowl a few months ago.  At 6’5 271 pounds  with 35 1/8 inch arms, Ansah is a bit of a physical freak.  This year it seems as if every top pass rusher has “redflags” or “concerns” and Ansah is one of those prospects whose talent and upside outweighs his “redflags” or “concerns.”

Few things I noticed when watching Ansah especially at the Senior Bowl;

-Ansah is quick to get his hands on run blocker, gets arm extension to lock-out blocker and maintains good position. Leverage with his knees isn’t exactly the best.

-Ansah’s production as a pass rusher is almost exclusively dependent on his rare physical talent and not his technique.  He rarely utilizes technique when rushing the passer but utilizes his talent instead.  This wont fly in the NFL considering Tackles are coming into the league ready to dominate.

-When he pass rushes with leverage and uses his hands aggressively, he can be a dominant bull rusher because of his rare combination of explosiveness, long arms and excellent strength. In order to become an elite pass rusher in the NFL, Ansah will need to rush with leverage and aggressiveness more consistently and develop a wider variety of pass rush moves.  Of course with adequate coaching and under Rex’s tutelage, I see no reason why Ansah cant be what the Jets need off the edges with Quinton Coples and Muhammad Wilkerson eating up the middle.

Having said that, in this particular mock draft,  Georgia DE Jarvis Jones is still on the board when the Jets select, and actually this mock has Jarvis Jones making it out of the first round undrafted.  That in itself is crazy considering Jones is the best pure pass rusher in the draft and is more seasoned and a more complete pass rusher than Ansah.  I have no problems with Ansah but I REALLY like Jones despite his bad off-season workouts and I believe the Jets are better off selecting Jones here instead of Ansah.

Again, every one of these top pass rushers in this year’s draft have question marks and concerns but I believe you have to select the prospect who has proven without a doubt and consistently despite their flaws and that prospect in my opinion is Jarvis Jones.  Putting Jones, a proven pass rusher on the edges with Coples and Wilkerson eating up blockers on the line can pay big dividends for this Jets defense.

The pick here has to be Jarvis Jones.