Todd McShay Updated Mock Draft: The New York Jets Select………


Feb 25, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Louisiana State Tigers defensive lineman Barkevious Mingo runs the 40 yard dash during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Mock draft season continues, ladies and gentlemen.

Todd McShay is another one of the prominent draft insiders from ESPN. Up to, and during the draft, you will see McShay go toe to toe with Mel Kiper, proving his expert analysis regarding all things draft related.

Todd, just like everybody else on the dial, has published, and has been updating his mock draft. Everybody has their “version” of who is going to be taken on April 25th. McShay’s mock is part of ESPN’s “Insider” program, so you have to be a member in order to read the whole draft. So, we will bring you the New York Jets pick and his rationalization.

So, with the 9th pick, McShay brings to the New York Jets………….


I have no problem with Mingo as a top-10 pick. His lack of sack production is being overemphasized, as he often faced extra attention from double-teams. In multiple games I saw on tape, he was limited in a gap-discipline game plan to limit mobile quarterbacks. Yes, he needs to get bigger and stronger to hold up better against the run. He also needs to improve his speed-to-power rush, but he is an explosive pass-rusher already, and his motor is always running. He is athletic enough to occasionally drop into coverage, but he will get paid to get after the QB. That’s exactly what the Jets need on defense.

PROS: The first thing you notice on the tape is blazing speed. 40 yard dash speed is not always an indicator of much, but in Mingo’s case, you see it in his first step off of the line. When he gets a beat on his defender, he is gone. The lineman has no chance to stop Mingo once Mingo gets going. His closing speed is a thing of beauty. Look at that tape. When the QB is in his cross-hairs, it’s over for that QB. He also stays well with running backs out in coverage as well. He moves quite well in that regard, very fluid.

CONS: He needs to add some bulk to his lean frame. You see it when he gets into a battle with an offensive lineman that he can’t use his speed on. If Barkevious is not able to get that first step, and the lineman gets his hands on him, he has a lot of trouble. He can’t pull away, and the lineman can use turn Mingo’s raw speed against him to take him out of the play.

The bottom line on Mingo is that he has a lot of potential. He could potentially be a beast in the Rex Ryan defense. He does need a bit more bulk in order to be able to be as big of a force in the running game as he is in the passing game. However, his main job to begin his career will be to get after the QB, and Mingo can do that.

The Jets could do a lot worse than this pick.