Vince Young to the New York Jets?


This is more of a probability of likelihood question, than a statement of endorsement. The Jets have recently been digging in the crates to find some QB competition for Mark Sanchez. They have also been scrambling to find some guys that will take some vet minimum contracts. I think Vince Young is a possibility to fill both of those criteria. Before you bash this idea, hear the facts first.

New York has worked out JaMarcus Russell just to see if he had anything to offer. They recently signed backup David Garrard. While some think those moves were both terrible, I disagree. If you’re a GM, you are supposed to “leave no stone unturned”. I had no problem with giving JaMarcus Russell a look, just to see if he might have been worth a shot.

David Garrard was also a high quality player in my book. Although I routinely hear people comment that he is old, so is Peyton Manning, so is Tom Brady. So is Carson Palmer, who if he is cut by the Raiders for salary reasons, will probably be the Cardinals starting QB. Although I certainly wouldn’t put David Garrard in the Manning-Brady stratosphere, he has done a number of things correctly his entire career. He has always been a guy that plays it safe, and minimizes errors. His last season as a starter I believe he threw for 20+ touchdowns, and not too many interceptions, while quarterbacking a Jacksonville team, that hasn’t had good wide receiver s since Jimmy Smith retired about a decade ago. Point being, David Garrard was a good signing in my book.

This brings me to Vince Young. Vince was the offensive rookie of the year his first year in Tennessee in 2006. He also went 9-6 his second year. Although he had some back and forth issues with Jeff Fisher, he started 10 games in 2009 and wound up going 8-2.

He does not have the things that you would look for in a traditional QB, especially if your looking at installing a west coast offense. He’s not overly accurate, he has a long release, and he’s not a guy that can read a defense before the play. What he can do is stand tall in a pocket at 6’5. He can extend a play with his legs if need be, and he has a strong arm and can throw some deep routes pretty well.

I just read some news that he attended Texas pro day on Tuesday (3/26) and lit it up. A few scouts were said to be enamored with him, as he has gone through some sort of metamorphosis. He’s currently completing his college degree, and re committed himself to football. Although it may be too little too late, his career 31-19 record as a starter, his newer mature attitude, and the fact that he is only 29, could lead to him being a good pick up.

If competition is really what the Jets want, I think that this new Vince Young (if it is genuine) could be a great move. A low risk, high reward, former top 3 talent in the NFL at a vet minimum salary and a chance to push Sanchez and revive his career. His mobility would also help aid the departure of Tim Tebow, and give the Jets one more arm in camp. He also has familiarity with Marty Mornhinweg, and has a career 58% completion ration which is very similar to Sanchez. My thinking is that whatever the plan is (play calls/schemes) to help Sanchez raise this percentage, should also be adaptable to incorporate Vince Young to do the same. Again, this is not an endorsement of weather to sign him or not, just an idea as to why kicking the tires may not be a bad idea this time.