New York Jets: Top 10 Draft Picks Since the Year 2000: #7


Apr 28, 2011; New York, NY, USA; NFL draft logo prior to the start of the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, we go and continue our countdown. The countdown of the top 10 draft picks by the New York Jets since the year 2000. John Idzik gets to make his first impression in about one month for now. And the shoes he has to feel our certainly interesting. The shoes are interesting because of how much of a mixed bag of players from the Tannenbaum era. For every Mp Wilkerson, there has been a Vernon Gholston.

So, Tanny’s shoes are, shall we say, “interesting”. When looking at this topic, it isn’t so barren, there are good players there, in almost every season. There were more than enough players to make up a top 10 draft pick list.

Here is where we have gone with the list so far:#10 David Harris#9 Mark Sahchez#8 Laveranues Coles

Now, the #7 best draft pick by the Jets since the year 2000.


The Jets first round pick in the first year of eligibility makes the list here at #7.  He is definitely a worth pick, just based on longevity.  Any guy that could be drafted from the Al Groh season, and remain a starter throughout Herman (Play to win the game) Edwards, the Mangenius, and Rex, deserves high praise for his career:  Here are his career stats:

These are pretty impressive stats for a guy playing defensive end for a team that never has been known for its ability to rush the passer.  Ellis was the exception.  Seasons of 8 sacks, 8.5 sacks, 11 sacks, and 12.5 sacks seem like a lifetime ago, do they not?  Those numbers are almost where the Jets land in TEAM sacks, much less one individual.  He posted 72.5 sacks as a member of the Jets.

As the “All in the Family” theme song goes, “Those were the days!”

His ability to rush the passer makes him a prime choice for the list.  As we said at the top, his longevity as a member of the New York Jets has a lot to do with it as well.  Shaun was drafted in the year 2000, and basically was a mainstay in the Jets lineup from that year until the second AFC title game under Rex Ryan.  In the free agency era, you don’t have a guy hang around through TWO coaches very often, much less the FOUR that Shaun Ellis remained around for.

Finally you can take away all other reasons but you can’t take away this one. His 2 sack performance against New England in the 2010 playoffs is one that the Jets sorely miss nowadays. Here is a clip from a game against the Bengals that we can remember his pas rush abilities by:

An absolute choice for this list. DE, number 92, Shaun Ellis!