2013 Fansided NFL Mock Draft….The New York Jets Select:


This Week’s Fansided 2013 NFL Mock Draft is out and the Jets are once again going after one of the top pass rushers in this April’s draft which certainly and undoubtedly would fill a need for the Jets right now.  So lets get into the selection……..

The Selection:

9. New York Jets –Jarvis Jones, Outside Linebacker, Georgia

Jarvis Jones was surrounded by medical concerns, but he has finally received a clean bill of health which should be great news for teams selecting in the top ten. Jones is certainly one of the top ten talents in this year’s draft class and he fits a serious position of need for the Jets.”

Jarvis Jones elite pass rushing abilities would give the Jets something they haven’t had in a long time.

The Prospect:

From what I’ve seen of Jarvis Jones since his time at UGA, he essentially leaves no question that he’s the best pure pass rusher in the draft.  He’s an explosive pass rusher with elite straight line speed that is coupled with a tremendous burst, especially off the ball.He has quick and fluid change of direction. Has the ability to stop, start and turn on a dime and explode out of cut.  He’s not really that big a prospect but has deceptively great playing strength and can take on and fight off blocks with power.His acceleration is nothing short of impressive as he’s usually the first one off the ball and reaches top speed quicker than anyone on the field.

Jones will definitely have to add a bit more weight as he comes in at 6’2 240.  Cant hurt him to add anywhere between 5-10 pounds though he may be fine at his current weight, that will remain to be seen.

My Thoughts:

In this particular mock, the prospects that I would consider outside of Jarvis Jones are Chance Warmack and Ezekiel Ansah but I would need to be persuaded into those selections to be honest.  I simply love what Jones brings pass rushing wise and his elite and consistent speed off the edges is something the Jets have been missing since John Abraham.  If Jones is there at 9 then it is what we call a “no-brainer”.  We’re no longer interested in speculating in Jones’s medical history, a history that  seems to be the basis of recent discussion.  What we do know is that Jones has been cleared by more than one Doctor and has been given the greenlight and frankly that’s all that is needed to take a chance on him.  I think this is a GREAT selection for the Jets, a selection that would pay immediate dividends for the organization.