Dion Jordan at #9 in the NFL Draft?: New York Jets Quick Hits with JETSerious


1. Dion Jordan is a good possibility at #9

  • At 6 feet 7 inches, Jordan would be a great addition to the Jets defense. This is a front seven that features a monster in Muhammad Wilkerson, who is quickly emerging as a premiere D-Lineman in the NFL, and a lengthy 6’6 Quinton Coples, who registered 5.5 sacks in 2012. Enter Dion Jordan.
  • The trio of Wilkerson, Coples, and Jordan would instantly put the Jets in excellent position for years to come.

2. Is Pouha worth the money?

  • The Jets would save approximately $3.8 Million is they cut Pouha. Considering his back issue, that’s a huge risk for the Jets to take—paying and counting on Pouha to come through at age 33.
  • Is Kenrick Ellis ready to take over at DT? It’s the overriding factor to bringing him back or not. If Ellis can fill in nicely for Pouha, and the Jets feel he is ready, it’s a no brainer.

3. Cornerback- two #1’s and two #2’s

  • We all know Darrelle Revis is the #1 shutdown corner, never mind a #1 corner. But so is Antonio Cromartie. The Jets are fortunate to have a great tandem. They also have Kyle Wilson, who played as a #2 corner in 2012. But what about Aaron Berry? I agree with TOJ, that Berry is a #2 corner (if healthy and spends time in the classroom). So why do the Jets need all of these CB’s? One should go, right? That’s what I’m thinking.
  • If I’m the Jets, I’m trading Antonio Cromartie. Due to his inconsistent play over the course of his career, and his abnormally high stock (coming off a pro bowl), the Jets should shop him in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine. I’ve said numerous times, that trading Cro gives the Jets the most in cap-relief. If you trade Revis, you’re giving up a lot. If you trade Wilson, you’re not getting enough in return. But Cromartie fits the bill. He’s a luxury for the Jets, when Darrelle Revis is on the field.

**Note- Darrelle is still under contract for 2013. If the Jets cannot find a trade partner, Revis has no choice but to show up in camp. If he fails to, he triggers a 3-year extension with the Jets!

  • If the Jets can trade Cromartie for a 3rd (Conditional 2nd) Rd. Pick in the 2014 draft, the Jets will clear approximately $8.25 Million in cap space. It’s exactly what the Jets gave up to San Diego for Cromartie, plus the cap relief. Ideally, the Jets would then be able to lock Revis into a long-term, and sign another veteran or two. (DeVito anyone?)
  • The top of the CB depth chart would look like this:

1. Darrelle Revis

2a. Kyle Wilson

2b. Aaron Berry

4. Ellis Lankster

I’ll tell you right now—I’m down with that!

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4. If Braylon Edwards returns at a low cost, Jets are set at WR.

  • At an affordable rate Braylon is worth the risk. You know what you’re getting. We all saw what he brought to the table when he signed late last season. The leadership is there. The effort is there. His frame is there. And the chemistry is there.
  • If Braylon is under contract for 2013, the WR depth chart will look like this:
  1. Santonio Holmes
  2. Braylon Edwards
  3. Jeremy Kerley (slot)
  4. Stephen Hill
  5. Clyde Gates
  6. Jordan White (slot)

I’m down with that! Are you not?

5. Jets should make calls to Eric Mangini and/or Chad Pennington

  • Similar to how the Jets brought Bill Pollian, Tom Moore, and others in to Florham Park to give their take on the Jets, Eric and Chad could have the same effect.
  • Eric Mangini failed as a head coach, not because of his level of intelligence, but because oh his inability to relate to his players. So would he be interested in a front office/head of scouting type of role with the Jets? It can’t hurt to “explore the possibility”, or look into it. It’s not urgent, whatsoever, but I feel that he could help in some capacity.
  • Most Jet fans were aware of Chad Pennington’s smarts, as the Jets QB back in ’06. He has a knack for the game, and a knowledgeable one. A lot of fans would like to see him become the Jets QB Coach one day, but at the very least, he could (or should) have an impact on the QB’s in training camp. One thing is for sure… He loves the game of football. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s spotted in Cortland, NY this summer.

6. If Geno Smith is available at #9, Jets should pull the trigger.

  • In my opinion, Geno Smith is far above any QB in this year’s draft class. He has the ability to take off and run, but is primarily a pocket passer. That’s the ideal situation to have at QB, in my book, and it works for both parties—The Jets get Sanchez some serious competition and the Jets get, at the very least, one franchise QB. If Sanchez pulls a miracle of a turnaround in his career, the Jets would be in a “Vick/Kolb or Smith/Kaepernick” type of situation, giving them a good problem.
  •  The Jets do have an abundance of pressing needs, and I understand that. But the most urgent (consensus of the fan base) seems to be a pass rusher/OLB. However, this is a position that is very deep in this year’s draft. Like I said before, if Dion Jordan is the guy, I’ll be one happy fan. But if Geno is there at #9, I really hope the Jets pull the trigger.

** I realize this is a topic where Jet Nation is very divided over, so I understand if you disagree. With that being said, I know @hashtagfrankie is with me!

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