2013 NFL Mock Draft: The New York Jets Select……


This week’s Fansided 2013 NFL Mock Draft is out and this week’s selection for the Jets is rather surprising to say the least…..

The Selection:

{{{{ 9. New York JetsCordarrelle PattersonWide Receiver, TennesseeIf you saw the New York Jets perform in 2012, there is no doubt in your mind that this team needs dynamic offensive playmakers. If you’re a Jets fan, go back and watch the Tennessee Volunteers season opener against the North Carolina State Wolfpack from this past season and get excited about what Patterson brings to the field.}}}}

The Prospect:

Cordarrelle Patterson is one of the most explosive athletes in this draft class. He bursts off the line of scrimmage easily and keeps top speed when coming in and out of his breaks, making it fairly easy for him to get separation from defensive backs.  Patterson uses his body well to get position on inside slant routes and when fighting for positioning down the sidelines.

While the ball is in his hands, Patterson is a home run threat at all times.  He has the vision and ability to change directions in order to find holes in the defense, and always seems to be ready to turn up field after catching the ball. Patterson’s play-making ability after the catch has more to do with his ability to make tacklers miss than his vision and pure speed, though.  He has plenty of natural instincts for the game, and that is especially evident when he has the football in his hands.

Vols WR Cordarrelle Patterson is one of the top WR prospects coming into April’s draft but MAY not be what the Jets need right now.

First let me say; I understand that the Jets are in need of playmakers at skill positions.  Very difficult watching Clyde Gates, Marty Gilyard and even Jason Hill become main targets for an already struggling and flawed QB but that’s what we saw at times last season after Holmes, Keller and Hill suffered injuries throughout the season.I hate going on about what or how a team is suppose to draft especially when said draft pick is in the top 10 but my belief is that using a top 10 pick on a skill position player is justified when said player is an impact, can’t miss/franchise type of player.  Some may or may not agree with that but I feel strongly about it.  Patterson is a talented WR but not “top10” talented and that is fact.

If the Jets decide to trade Revis and garners another first rounder in the deal then I can see them reaching for a prospect like Patterson  (even then I’d rather a QB or OLB) in the first.   The Jets are/will be hurting depth wise at KEY positions this offseason and WR isn’t one of them, for now.  Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill, Chaz Schilens + mid/late round rookie/FA WR will suffice for now. A healthy WR corp consisting of Braylon, Holmes, Kerley and Hill isn’t exactly gag material. That corp when healthy is one of the most talented corps in the league. PERIOD!The Jets have serious issues at Guard, RB, OLB, Safety, QB, Tackle and TE that need to be addressed before spending a top 10 pick on a WR.The Jets cap situation will be much better next off-season leaving them enough ammo to go after a FA WR if they decide to do so.

THAT said, you cant deny what type of impact a young extremely talented WR like Patterson will have on a offense that struggled to score points last season.  He’s essentially the perfect talent for a team most likely to be running the West Coast offense next season.  Patterson is a playmaker but can the Jets afford to take that chance on him at 9 and his he worth going that high?

Bottom line:

Patterson WILL be there when the Jets select at 9 so the Jets will have the opportunity to make the selection and for all intense and purposes if the Jets were to do that it’d be one of those decisions that no one will see coming or expect and fans will be too confused to either be happy or upset with it.  With the many depth issues at key areas I just dont see how the Jets can afford to take Patterson at 9 and I’d say it’s unlikely that they will do so.

I’m going to have to say “PASS” on this and in this particular case I would rather the Jets go after Chance Warmack, Ezekiel Ansah or even Dion Jordan before taking a shot at Patterson.

For those unfamiliar with Patterson, here are some highlights that will probably get you on the “Patterson at #9” train…..Enjoy;