Another Perspective to Add to the Revis Situation


Aug 26, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (24) during the second half of their game against the Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium. The Panthers defeated the Jets 17-12. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a guy that is getting talked a lot about these days, and with good reason. The Jets are rumored to be trying to trade their All-World, first ballot Hall of Famer, Darrelle Revis. It’s an issue that has gone back, and forth, and back, and forth again. We have talked about it on here previously, the idea of sustainable success. If they can make a move that would bring back draft picks and maybe some players, that they have to consider it for the good of the team in the long term.

In surveying Jets Nation, many Jet Pressers agree that if the offer were good enough, we should even consider trading within the division. Don’t get me wrong, the Jets have to be blown out of the water with an offer in order to move him, but it should be considered.

This morning, I wanted to present you another thought to consider in making your decision on this issue. Take a look at the Jets stats against the pass in 2012:


Now, compare that with the Jets stats against the pass in 2010, the best year of the Rex Ryan era, when the team went 11-5 and was five points short of making the Super Bowl:


So, the year that we all want to forget about, the Jets defense was second in the league against the pass. In 2010, a team with an 11-5 record was still good against the pass, but not as good, ranking 6th. What did this year’s team have that the 2010 team didn’t?

Dec 17, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; New York Jets defensive back LaRon Landry (30) breaks up a pass intended for Tennessee Titans wide receiver Damian Williams (17) during the second half at LP Field. Titans won 14-10. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Oct 14, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Donnie Avery (11) is tackled by New York Jets strong safety Yeremiah Bell (37) during the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aristide Economopoulos/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Yeremiah Bell(below) and LaRon Landry(right), that’s what. Even when we were going to championship games, the defense was more than vulnerable over the middle. In 2012, you had two new sheriffs in town, with LaRon “Dirty Thirty” Landry and Yeremiah Bell. Receivers going over the middle knew that they weren’t going to have free room to run, just ask Victor Cruz, dating back to the preseason. The middle of the field became deadly for opponents.

What if signing Darrelle Revis to a long term deal means that we have to say goodbye to both LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell? Bringing Revis back, with a lot of money due to Cromartie, would likely mean that one of the two safeties are gone, maybe both. Is bringing Darrelle back worth going back to Eric Smith, and unproven safeties in Josh Bush and Antonio Allen? I am not sure that it is, but just something to think about when making your decision on the stay or go issue with Darrelle Revis.