Don’t Overanalyze John Idzik’s Interviews…..PLEASE!


John Idzik is already making his way around the mainstream media. Don’t overanalyze what he says.

John Idzik is finally here and getting ingratiated in his position as general manager of the New York Jets. As such, getting a few words with Idzik has been a focus of the local media over the last several days. John did an interview with Mike Florio (nobody knows why), Michael Kaye, and most recently, Boomer and Carton on WFAN radio here in NY. During the interviews, he has commented, or not commented, on the biggest player issues of the day with the Jets. You know the mainstream media, they are going to pick apart everything he says. Fans, please don’t.

First, the guy has only been in town for a week, not even. He is still getting his feet wet with the roster. Like he said during his press conference, Rex had to show him where his office is. There is no way on Earth that he has made ANY decisions about this roster yet. Anything that man says with regards to specifics are just initial thoughts on those issues, not final decisions. To start to over-analyze after this amount of time will not only drive us nuts, but will drive Idzik nuts too. We don’t want him to be sick of being here too fast.

Secondly, as we all know, we have the mainstream media to do all of the over-analyzing for us. You know that we will hear from Rich Cimini, Manish Mehta, and everyone else, every time Idzik says something specific in an interview, telling us how they know exactly what it means, and how wrong it is. Them complaining is more consistent than death or taxes. If someone, ANYONE, involved with the Jets, does so much as draw breath, Rich Cimini will be there to put his negative spin on things. Instead of us getting worried about everything our new GM says, let’s stay banded together telling the media how ridiculous they are being. We know what it is like when the fanbase is broken up. Let’s stay united from this day forward.

Turn the page, we will talk a bit about what John Idzik had to say, and why it really is no cause for worry.

Dec 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) drops to pass as Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams (94) rushes during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bills beat the Jets 28-9. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

During his recent interview with Boomer and Carton, John Idzik addressed everybody’s favorite player to ridicule, quarterback Mark Sanchez. He said that he was “comfortable” with Mark Sanchez on the roster. Oh that has had people up in arms, saying how controversial that statement was. How could Mark Sanchez still be the quarterback here? Did Idzik watch last season? But, look at what he said, …”on the roster”. He never said that Mark Sanchez was the starter, just that he would be here. His entire mantra is about competition to improve the roster. So? Sanchez might be here, but he won’t be handed the job of starting quarterback. That’s what we WANTED, and that is all he said.

See what happens when people over-analyze what a man says? Take it at face value and move along.

Remember, if he totally avoided every answer, the media would over-analyze THAT too. Mind you, he is not telling us much, but if he said nothing, the mainstream media would be all over him about that too. Mike Tannenbaum avoided every issue, if that continued, the media would flip. Articles upon articles would be coming out, talking about the “same old Jets”. They would talk about Woody hiring a guy that was just like the guy before. Close your eyes, you could see the headlines already. He has to give at least some answer to these questions otherwise the media would go nuts.

Noise was also made about the fact that Idzik was non-committal on Darrelle Revis. My question is….why?!?! He has to be non-committal. We all know that they are exploring a trade. What if he said “Oh yeah Darrelle is done here”? Nobody would give the Jets a decent offer, why should they? If Idzik makes it clear that they want him out, they will low ball the Jets, as well they should. Idzik has no reason to commit one way or another.

The morale of the story is, like we said before, John Idzik’s actions are what will determine his fate here. Don’t over-analyze his words, especially not one week into his tenure.