Fans React to Darrelle Revis Trade Rumors


Sept. 9, 2012; E. Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (24) makes the interception on Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson (13) at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/The Star-Ledger via USA TODAY Sports

Over the last week, the most highly emotional topic around Jets fans is Darrelle Revis. As we all know, the rumor is out there that the Jets are going to explore trading their star cornerback, and since the story came out, the opinions have been all over the map. Well, yesterday, I called for opinions from you guys, and you responded yesterday quite well. So, as promised, and article written by you, the fans and Jet Pressers, about how you feel about the Darrelle Revis trade rumors. Here are your thoughts, in no particular order, first from Scott Roller:

As a fan I want my team to win. I am a transplanted fan living in Baltimore so it hurts even worse this year to see a team who may be on the verge of winning two superbowls in my lifetime (only 31 years old) while my team has turned into a joke. Do I think Revis can help the jets win. There isn’t a doubt in my mind. But at what cost? Revis is selfish plain and simple. I do not believe in hometown discounts so I can’t blame him for wanting top dollar. But what I can’t stand is a player holding us hostage. If Revis wants to win, does he not understand that he can’t be paid the way he wants AND have a supporting cast? There IS a salary cap.

So, that being said. We have to do what is in the best interest of putting a contender on the field in the long term. No stop gaps, no band-aid contracts. I think we must get fair market value. I like what I have been hearing about 1st and 3rd. Do I want more, Yeah who wouldn’t? But what are we getting next year… I can answer that. Nothing. He walks. We have no leverage next year. The ACL didn’t help, that’s our luck but hey, big picture. Get the best deal for the team long term.

Next, we hear from Michael Jaskewicz, one of our Facebook readers:

I think the world of Revis. I think it’s a fair argument to consider he may be the best CB ever by the time his career is over. But Revis’ camp has reportedly claimed he wants more than Mario Williams just signed for last year (6 years 96m 50m guaranteed). That’s over 16m a year. He’s not looking to be the highest paid CB, he’s looking to be the highest paid defensive player in the game. In the history of the game. If we were in a position where our offense was even respectable then revis could be that final piece to put us over the top. Fact is we are far from it. Our realistic needs right now are QB, RB, LG, RG, ILB, both OLB’s, and both Safeties. Those are dire needs we have. You could also make a case we need to upgrade RT, TE, FB, and WR.

If we pay Revis we will be looking at a bad team with the greatest CB in the league for the next 2-3 years. If we trade him we have the ability to use those picks to fill multiple needs, and have the cap space to sign multiple veterans as well. We had the 2nd best pass D in the league without him. We don’t need to pay 16m to move up one spot. There are alot of interested teams, so the compensation will be very good. I hate to see him go, he’s been incredible to watch. But Rex Ryan needs to earn his genius title and show us that he can continue to field a top 10 defense without Revis, so we can use the resources and start putting together the offense he’s been neglecting all this time.

Aug 26, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (24) during the second half of their game against the Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium. The Panthers defeated the Jets 17-12. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Next, Rocco Constantino from “Bleacher Report” stopped by with these words:

I think the Jets should explore trading Revis. They might as well float the idea of trading Revis and see what happens. Some writers seem to already know what the market will bring back for Revis. However, if the “gold rush” is really developing the way that has been reported, maybe the Jets could get a couple of teams into a bidding war and get more than his expected value.

What if the 49ers and Seahawks both were serious on the Revis sweepstakes? Whose to say they won’t bid each other up?

If the Jets choose to negotiate with Revis, they can use any interest they have had in Revis as leverage. If Revis really wants to stay with the Jets, maybe they can get him at a reasonable price.

My first choice is to keep him & trade Cromartie, but if the market blows up for Revis, they may get something too good to turn down.

Here is what Lori Gleason had to say about Darrelle:

The jets should not trade Revis. He is the face of the franchise and he is the reason people go to the games. If Woody wants to loose fans then do it but it is a bad idea. I understand the jets feel like they cannot resign him but what they should do is get rid of others instead. We have a couple of other players that we could trade to free up cap. Then at the end of the year Sachez is gone and we give revis that money. I think the jets should do everything they can to keep him. He has been the best thing to this franchise and has made us relevant again.

Next, we have some thoughts from John Szeligowski Jr.:

The problem with trading Darrelle Revis is getting equal value for him (of course you need to factor in his injury/recovery) and getting that value in an area of need. His talent is not something you exchange for potential talent, so taking what we know of the upcoming draft and common sense prevailing, trading even for a number one pick in the upcoming season is evidence of a brain aneurism. If that’s the scenario you feel you want to go with then the pot has to be sweetened with a number one draft pick in two drafts from now as well. The Jets should only be looking at top level LBs and OLs from the 2013 draft and you don’t need to deal the league’s best defensive player in order to get them. The 49ers say they would be interested in Darrelle and it’s no secret that they would love to unload Smith, but my first reaction is “gimme a draft pick in 2014 or another quality player on top of him.” The only thing Smith has proven is that he finally got used to the 49ers offensive system; the Jets need immediate return not a project in exchange for Revis.

Aug 26, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (24) during the second half of their game against the Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium. The Panthers defeated the Jets 17-12. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Cohen had these thoughts on Darrelle Revis:

Leave it to the Jets to be faced with the decision to trade quite possibly the best NY Jet of all time in the prime of his career. Not to mention he is a future Hall of Famer and he might be the best shut down corner since Deion Sanders. Trading Darrelle Revis might actually be the prudent and smart move but if you trade him you can’t miss. Do we trust the Jets on that? Do we trust Idzik making this type of move this early in his first tenure as a General Manager.

Who is to blame as to why we are in this predicament? Rex, for his public praising of #24. Revis’s agent had to love that. Mr. T, for not constructing his contract properly. Woody? Come to your own theory on him. Revis himself? His super competitive on field demeanor might just mean he is the type to never be satisfied.

If you are going to trade Revis just do it. Don’t let it linger. I also think the Jets should have teams come to them to assess his fair market value.

If you are not going to trade him, nip this in the bud and let’s get on with it. If they can resign Landry and Bell this could be the best defensive backfield in football.

After this week, it just reminds us what type of organization we are rooting for. As we get ready to watch the Super Bowl I am left wonder how the Ravens were able to keep Hall of Fane defenders Ray Lewis and Ed Reed for their entire careers.

Ron A chimed in with the following:

On its face, it makes me want to cry.

However, considering he will be a FA in 2014 and probably outright leave the Jets because of high salary demands whereby we will then get nothing.

Revis says he wants to remain a Jet – that means he will have to agree to a cap friendly contract – will he do that? Not likely, why should he? He needs to line his pockets.

Also, we don’t know if he is coming back as Darrelle Revis (ACL) – if we trade him now that will be some other team’s problem as to whether he is the same.

Considering these points, it makes perfect sense to get a 1st and a 3rd for him right now. We were number 2 in pass defence without him. Sure it would be great to have the best CB tandem in football but, it would be just too expensive considering all of our other needs.

Will Sanchez re-structure to assist in keeping Revis? He should, considering how he let us down last season. Sanchez owes us, PERIOD.

And last but certainly not least, Stacy Schechter had this to say (yes, my wife, but huge Jets fan as well):

I will give you three major points as to the conditions that Revis may be traded. The first thing is that he cannot be in our division. We do not want him in a position to beat us twice per year, for obvious reasons. Our rivalries, especially with New England and Miami are tough enough that we don’t know to put Revis in the mix.

Number two, we must get at least three draft picks plus a player or two in return, and not some mid-level players either. We want a player who we know and has shown the league and the Jets by his level of play that he is a top notch player. We must think before we act, and not bring in someone’s leftovers.

Third, whomever we bring in must be a high character player. We want no more bad energy in the locker room. Jon Bon Jovi said it best when he was talking about his Philadelphia Soul AFL team when he said he had a “no thug rule”. We need to adopt that policy, as we have had trouble in this area previously. High character players only.

In conclusion, for the Jets to do this, it’s going to be difficult. Maybe it would be easier to deal Cromartie.

Thanks for the thoughts everybody. Clearly, we have a cross-section of how the fan base feels, some are in favor, some fervently against it. Time will tell how it turns out.