The Real “Circus” Around the New York Jets


Dec 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan during the game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The “circus” is a term that everyone loves to use when talking about the New York Jets, and with good reason. The Jets certainly have not shied away from a good story. Well, any story or that matter. There is do way to deny that the Jets have dominated the headlines. But lately, the Jets have been quiet. They have been going about their business, gathering candidates and executing a search for a new general manager for the franchise. But, they are still in the news about it, about saying nothing. You know what that tells us? That the ones reporting the news, may just be the ones MAKING the news. And that makes the circus, folks. Thank the Daily News, kids.

When you invent the story because there is none there, you are creating the circus.

It really came to a head the last couple of weeks with everybody’s favorite paper, the New York Daily News. The Jets, as we know, haven’t been making any statements, no waves, just going about the business of finishing the regular season. But, out comes the article that we all have talked about at length, where “anonymous” sources said that Rex stated he would welcome being fired if an overhaul didn’t come to the offense. Does that even “sound” like Rex Ryan? He has loved this organization since he was young and his Dad worked here. He now is going to welcome being fired, and basically give his boss an ultimatum to either fix the offense or fire me? Ummm…..hello? It doesn’t even make sense, and when it doesn’t make sense it usually isn’t true.

The writer of this piece, Manish Mehta, did an interview with our buddies over on the Flight 5 program yesterday. While it was big of Manish to go on there, I think he left just as many questions as he answered. Remember when Rex said he denied the above article to the reporter, but he didn’t print it? Manish felt that this was off the record, and said in the interview that they did have an off the record conversation as well. Come on, though. Rex flat denied the accusation of the source, but wouldn’t want that on the record? That doesn’t hold water logically.

And when the Jets held off the end of the season press conference, who was the ring leader of calling it out? Manish. He made an issue about it several times, and re-tweeted his buddy Mike Florio’s article about it as well, where Mike called for a major penalty to the team. Really? This was such a grave issue that it deserved a big penalty? No, Manish and the media aren’t creating the circus.

Where there is no story to tell, and you create it, you make the circus.

As the week went along, and we were waiting to hear from the Jets, we again hear from Manish’s little birdies. The “anonymous” sources now said that they thought the offense wasn’t any good. The sources said it lacked creativity. Now, I know that is how WE felt, as fans, but we never heard anything like that from the players. On the contrary, the players talked about how much freedom the offense gave them. Now, there are little birdies that are ripping the offense. Yes, you have to sell papers, but it’s enough.

You are making the circus, not reporting on it.

Now, the final one wasn’t the responsibility of Manish, but it did come from his paper. The tattoo situation. Does any Jets fan really care whether or not Rex Ryan has or doesn’t have a tattoo? What’s on it? No!! We don’t. But there was the great Daily News, right out front of this “major news story”, showing us a picture of Rex’s tattoo. Now everyone is set a blaze. What does it mean? Why is this quarterback’s jersey on his tattoo? Does that mean Mark will be here forever? What is the meaning of this? This is another part of the circus. Rich Cimini actually wrote that, that the tattoo is just another part of the Jets circus.

Not if you don’t take the picture it’s not. Not if you don’t discuss it.

Furthermore, Rex drew no attention to it. If you brought it up, guess who made it part of the circus? You did.

Manish admitted as much in the interview, when he said that the picture came from a freelance photographer that worked for the Daily News. Seriously?!?! The Daily News sent a photographer to tail Rex Ryan when he went on vacation with his family? How dare they? He did NOTHING wrong by going on vacation, but the News was wrong. Dead wrong.

They made the circus.

When the Jets are doing things that make you scratch your heads, yes, they are the circus, no doubt. I am amongst the first to call this team out in moments like this. But, when the team is going about its business, and non-stories are twisted to be part of the “circus”, I am enraged. Hey media, you want to know where the real “circus” is with the Jets these days?

Take a look in the mirror.