Jets vs Chargers: Quick Hits


Filling in here for Sean who’s having some technical difficulties. This is my first crack at the recap so stick with me and remember to be gentle, please. The Jets dropped to an abysmal 6-9 record on this the 16th week of the season that, for most, cannot end fast enough. All of JetNation had question upon question as to how this game would go. The Chargers are less than sub-par with an even more questionable quarterback than the one that Rex Ryan benched in favor of a 7th round draft pick who barely dressed for the last two years. The San Diego Chargers came into today’s game with the following stats:

On Offense, the Chargers were 28th in yards, 23rd in points, 22nd in passing and 27th in rushing compared to the Jets stats of being 30th overall; 28th in points scored, 30th in passing and 10th in rushing due in large part to the running game finally clicking around game 11 and Bilal Powell being the kind of back that extends plays with his body and pushes heaps of men to travel with him for an extra yard or three.

On Defense, the Chargers were 16th in points allowed; 20th in passing yards allowed, 13th in total defense and 7th against the run to the Jets stats of 20th in points allowed, 8th in overall yards allowed, 2nd against the pass and 29th against the rush.

Looking at those, what it should have told you was that the game had the possibility of being a real barn burner. Well, at least we weren’t surprised by something today. What we were surprised by was that the fact that the Jets lost this one. The Chargers Defense brutalized the Jets Offense and completely wrecked the first time starting QB. 11 sacks. This isn’t even factoring in the hits and pressures Greg McElroy faced on that field in MetLife Stadium today. He seems to not have much in the way of pocket presence or arm strength but he does hold onto the ball well when going down to snack on some turf and can obviously take some hard hits. He will get the nod to start next week in Buffalo and rightfully so. At the same time, you have to wonder what exactly today’s game meant. The offensive line was invisible, the defense couldn’t even claim to be gassed. They were simply outplayed and out-coached. Despite some obvious blunders by the Chargers and possible new Jets Offensive Coordinator in 2013 Norv Turner (what went on with that punt/kick confusion, anyway?), Philip Rivers didn’t have a horrible game. How often can people say that?

Braylon Edwards was a rare bright spot on offense. Current Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano looked to be opening up his obviously well hidden big bag of tricks at the beginning of the game, calling Wildcat plays with Kerley throwing a bomb 42 yards down the field to Clyde Gates (yes, I really typed this) and even a direct snap to Greene. By the way, Greene was on track to break ,000 yards rushing this season for the second year in a row, needing just 49 to do so. He finished 9 under. That should tell everyone all they need to know about the offense in this game against the Chargers that saw 3 QBs dressed but only 1 used and a slot receiver have more total passing yards earned in one play than the backup quarterback threw for all season.

Who makes it through this mess of a season?

On defense, Bart Scott proved he still can be a force on the field. Eric Smith probably signed his walking papers and after that game Calvin Pace should be filing in line behind him. The Jets as a whole just weren’t built well. They weren’t buiult to succeed and having 6 wins on the year is probably a blessing because today’s game was not a fluke. This is where they are, this is who they are. And hopefully this game was a gigantic wake up call to stop placing blame on certain players and look at the overall team. Start at the top in the big front offices and go from there.

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