Jets vs. Titans: Earning Their Wings


Quinton Coples: Every week we wonder why QC is not on the field for certain plays or being used at certain times. Yet, every week, when he is on the field, he makes a huge impact. This is the case of the numbers not always showing the effort and production. You won’t hear his name as often but believe me when I say that throughout the season, when he’s played, Quinton is a valued piece of that defense. Last night showed that and got everyone to hear his name a bit more. He had a monster sack and coupled with Wilkerson — a frequent Wings earner — stood up to the Titans offense and gave them more than enough to think and worry about. On a team that’s not exactly known for rushing the passer let alone actually getting to him, QC alone has 4 sacks on the year, adding that fourth one last night. Yes, his arm brands are a bit scary when you watch the game on a High Definition television, but that’s good. Because opposing offenses should be scared of him. If they’re not yet, they will be soon enough.

Muhammad Wilkerson: Ah, the trend. Yet again he shows up in this segment of mine and rightfully so. It’s hard to find bright spots on the Jets 2012 team but Big Mo is positively one of them. If he doesn’t get voted to the Pro Bowl then I don’t know what people are doing. It’s not to say I put much stock in the Pro Bowl in terms of talent but once in awhile a guy gets in based on production as opposed to popularity. This should be the case for Wilkerson this year. He didn’t add to his sack tally this year by putting any hurt on Jake Locker but he was fundamental in allowing the sacks Locker did take to actually happen. And let’s talk about that blocking! Not only can he block large men and shifty runners, he can block balls from being kicked as well. This New Jersey native needs to remain in green and white for a long time. He’s not only got a bright future ahead of him with the way he has played this season, but he’s helping to give the Jets D a glimmer of a bright future as well. Help us, Muhammad Wilkerson, you’re one of our only hopes.

The Big Guy that makes Big Plays.

Garrett McIntyre: Don’t adjust your screens or your glasses. This is really happening. Not only was Mr. mcIntyre actually in on positive plays yesterday, he contributed to them! No more did we hear that he missed this tackle or cause this penalty. No, we were hearing that he stopped this play, helped other players extend their own play to make an impact or kill a drive, but we heard that he, brace yourself, sacked the opposing quarterback! All in all McIntyre had a pretty solid game. On the season he’s actually had just one less sack than Big Mo Wilk, but overall he’s not been all that impressive to where he shines through in positive plays. Last night changed that.

No honorable mentions this week. I don’t have it in me and frankly there really wasn’t anyone I feel did enough to deserve it outside of Antonio Cromartie who should just get Wings every game because he’s an absolute soldier. I will say that outside of a couple of off plays, Calvin Pace had a surprisingly decent game. Finally.

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