Quick All-22 Film Review – Jacksonville Jaguars


This week the Jets (5-7) travel down to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars (2-10) in the “Hurry Up And Get It Over With” Bowl.  It’s no secret that both of these teams are struggling as both have unsettling issues at the QB position and it has undoubtedly cost them their seasons essentially.  The Jets have been the talk of the NFL this past week after Jets HC Rex Ryan saw just about enough of QB Mark Sanchez after his 3rd int vs the Arizona Cardinals defense and decided to bench him for 2nd year QB Greg McElroy who then led the Jets to victory.  The Jaguars on the other hand saw a QB change after 2nd year QB Blaine Gabbert was injured thus allowing Chad Henne to get the shot he figured he would get when deciding to sign with the Jaguars in the off-season. Jaguars enter this game ranked 28th against the pass and 31st against the run so needless to say the opportunities will certainly be there for the Jets this week.  The Jaguars aren’t exactly running up and down the field like the Patriots and have struggled to find any consistency on the offensive or defensive side of the ball for the most part but that won’t stop us here at The Jet Press from showing them the respect they deserve because again, as much as the Jaguars have struggled this season, the Jets have struggled as well and may just be the cure for what ails this Jaguars team.

Jaguars QB Chad Henne didnt have MUCH success vs the Bills defense last week.

The Jaguars unlike the Cardinals, have somewhat more consistent QB play from the QB position and should be able to take advantage of mistakes by the Jets defense unlike the Cardinals were unable to last week.  That’s not saying much but it’s saying SOMETHING.  Case in point; last week vs the Bills, the Jaguars were able to capitalize on a Bills mistake on a drive that the Bills had initially played the Jags pretty well and was able to come up with a stop but ONE mistake by the Bills team left the door open for the Jags to capitalize on it and that they did and we’ll concentrate on that drive this week in our All-22 Review.

4th Quarter 13:29 remaining in the game, the Jags are on their on 17 yard line:

The Jaguars come out in a No-huddle, shotgun formation  ~~~>

Notice that the Jags are in the spread formation with 4 WRs spread and a lone RB in the backfield.  This will be a common theme on this drive and obviously its a formation that Chad Henne is comfortable in as they use it ALOT.

A DRAW ends up being the call that was made and Jags RB Montell Owens made a beautiful read when he passed on the initial hole and bounced it out to the outside for the 2nd hole and was able to gain an easy 4 yards on this 1st down play ~~~~>


After the 4 yard pickup on 1st down and after a defensive holding penalty on 2nd down, the Jags find themselves in 1st and 10 on their own 26 yard line.  They once again find themselves in a shotgun formation with 4 wideouts and one lone RB in the backfield, a formation they obviously love to use and one that they call many plays out of.  ~~~>

This play calls for a crossing route by WR Jordan Shipley coming from the right and Henne puts the ball in a perfect location, ahead of the WR in order to complete the easy connection for 6 yards  ~~~~~~~>

After the 6 yard Jordan Shipley catch on 1st down, the Jags find themselves at 2nd and 4 on their own 32 yard line.  They come out in the Triple T Wing formation……….nah just playing, yeah they’re in the Shotgun Formation AGAIN (No-Huddle), with 4 wideouts and 1 lone RB in the backfield. ~~~~~>

As you can see here on this play, Henne gets MUCH better protection from his O-line.  No penetration from the Bills D-line on this play and it gives Henne much better protection to allow his plays to develop.  Again this is a talented YET underachieving Bills D-line that Henne and his O-line are facing here so YOU determine just how impressive they were on this play ~~~~>

Same play (2nd and 4 on Jags 32)…..as I eluded to in the previous pic and as you can clearly see, Henne is sitting very comfortably in the pocket just allowing Shipley time to beat his man AGAIN and get open across the middle.  A easy point and shoot for Henne that picks up 8 yards on the play.


Fast forward a few plays on the same drive. (Plays that consisted of a sack, an incomplete pass and a punt that was RECOVERED by Jacksonville) and we find the Jaguars at the spot of the muffed punt and recovery  ~~~~~>

1st and 5 at the Buffalo 5 yard line

The Jaguars once again come out in the Shotgun Formation with 3 wideouts and one lone RB in the backfield.  Instantly Henne recognizes the one on one matchup that he has with Cecil Shorts on CB Ron Brooks.


Once again on this drive, the Jaguars WRs take advantage of what the Bills defense is giving them and Henne doesn’t waste any time in getting the quick pass out to Shorts for the slant TD catch.  An easy call and an even easier throw and catch.


The Jaguars ended up losing to the Bills but if anything this drive has shown you is that if your defense or team gives them anything, then like MOST NFL teams, they are very well capable of taking advantage of it.  That includes mistakes and simply gimmes by the defense.  This isn’t a team to be taken lightly just because of their struggles this season and taking teams lightly is something that the Jets are very very good at.

How Do The Jets Attack That Jaguars Defense and Contain Their Offense?

On Offense:

Not really hard to understand here but;

Jags pass defense = ranked 28th in the league

Jags run defense = ranked 31st in the league

Sanchez wont get another gift THIS sweet until Eva comes back wrapped in ONLY a bow for Christmas.  You attack that secondary with Hill and Kerley (assuming Hill is healthy this week) and you go for their throat the entire game.  Jags cant stop the pass or the run so the Jets game plan should be to attack.  The Jags defensive issues stand out on film as they are missing tackles and their Cover 2 pass defense hasn’t stopped anyone yet.

Jets WR Jeremy Kerely is primed for a big day vs this bad Jags pass defense.

On Defense:

The film suggests that the Jaguars with MJD out for the season aren’t really capable of moving the chains at any consistent rate and the film isn’t lying in this case.  The Jaguars are struggling at times even with better and more consistent QB play they are receiving from Chad Henne.  They are getting solid production from RB Montell Owens and WR Cecil Shorts so those 2 players may be able to help this Jaguars offense produce somewhat but for the most part and from what I’ve seen on film, the Jets pass rush has come on just a BIT as of late and this may be a bad matchup for the Jags O-line.  Henne is more than capable of finding the open man but a good % of the time, the Jags don’t seem to have too many targets getting open consistently which can and SHOULD lead to sacks.

Jets don’t have to do much defensive scheming or planning this game outside of the norm.