Monday Morning Quarterback: Week 13 Jets vs. Cardinals


Dec. 2, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy (14) warms up before the game against the Arizona Cardinals at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

Well, we certainly have enough to talk about on this one, don’t we? There isn’t normally this much to talk about coming out of a 7-6 game, but there are some storylines to talk about. The Jets won, and a win is a win. Let’s talk about it.

First the obvious story, Mark Sanchez came out of the game in favor of Greg McElroy. With approximately five minutes to go in the third quarter, the change was made. Mark Sanchez threw three interceptions, all in the first half, and the offense was lifeless. Mark was making bad decisions, was horribly inaccurate, and the boos were coming loudly. The change HAD to be made. For the game, Sanchez was 10-21 for 97 yards, and the 3 INT’s. When the change was made, the stadium CAME TO LIFE. The Jets offense wasn’t even on the field, Greg started to warm up, and the crowd went nuts. Bart Scott and David Harris combined for a sack, the defense came off the field, and McElroy came into the game. They didn’t get much going the rest of the way, but it was enough, and the Jets hung on to win 7-6.

McElroy let the Jets on the game-winning touchdown drive, taking the Jets on a 10 play 69 yard drive, that ended in a one yard touchdown pass to Jeff Cumberland to put the Jets ahead 7-3. McElroy went 5-7 for 29 yards and the 1 TD. He also controlled the clock when he had to, not giving the Cardinals the chance to make the comeback, and looked impressive doing so. For an NFL debut, McElroy did a very nice job.

Second storyline was the return of former Jets safety Kerry Rhodes. We know the back story, Rhodes was here, Rex ran him out of town because he was too “Hollywood”, which I agree with, and Rex gave his opinions of Kerry in his book. Rex wouldn’t talk about it this week, but we know that Kerry harbored resentment. Kerry played with attitude and a purpose today, recording two interceptions, and a forced fumble to go along with six tackles. After the second INT, according to onlookers, Rhodes gave a look in Rex Ryan’s direction, making it clear how he felt.

The third storyline was the Jets defense, especially on third down. The Cardinals were shut out on third down, officially 0-15. You aren’t going to win too many games playing like that. It didn’t hurt that Cardinals’ QB Ryan Lindley was actually playing worse than Mark Sanchez. He was 10-31 for 72 yards and 1 INT. The most exciting play for the Cardinals all day long was a fake punt that went for 40 yards.

You know the question, it will be up all week long. Who will start next week? Sanchez, Tebow or McElroy. We will find out soon enough.