Jets vs. Seahawks: Earning Their Wings


Another game, another struggle to find three guys in the mix to give the “wings” to. Actually, this one wasn’t as difficult as my first assignment. Finding good play in the Dolphins blowout was more difficult than finding quarters in my son’s piggy bank because he only likes to put pennies in there. So, what can I say to start this off? It was a winnable game for a long time. I say that because there was hope even going into halftime that the Jets could pull out a win if some adjustments were made. Why is this happening? That’s a whole other piece and one that I may or may not get into later on in the week. The problem isn’t why is it happening, it’s why is it not being fixed? It’s not a rare thing, it’s a common thread sewing together what is looking like another season where Jets fans will be watching other teams in January instead of their own. As positive as I try to keep it, and as upbeat and optimistic as I like to try to stay, I also like to think of myself as a realist and I can safely say that at this level of play the 2012 Jets as of November 11 do not deserve to be in the playoffs. With that said, I will tackle the task at hand and hopefully have more success at following through on said tackle than a majority of the Jets defense has had on their own subjects.

It’s time people stopped sleeping on Antonio Cromartie.

Antonio Cromartie: How phenomenal has Cro been? I won’t even say “in Revis’ absence” because at this point it does not matter. Antonio Cromartie is showing that he’s not just stepped up to try to fill the shoes of the great 24, but he has absolutely formed himself into a clear cut beast of a baller. He didn’t just step up into Darrelle Revis’s place, he is balling out and making a place for himself on the team. Some wonder if the way Cro’s elevated his level of play will bring about new questions when it comes to off season contract talks with Revis, who’s sat out the season since mid-way through the week 3 game against the Dolphins after tearing his ACL. Fans feared what the season would be like without Revis, unsure if Cromartie could handle it. He has. The other cornerbacks…well, again, that is a story for another time. The fact is that Cromartie is an absolute beast on that field and is proving to be invaluable as he can do many things on that field in addition to shutting down some of the best wide receivers in the game. AlCROtraz is no myth, but it is quickly becoming something of a legend. If you ask me, if he keeps playing like that he can tell people to kiss his butt all he wants.

Muhammad Wilkerson: Straight up, the Jets defense came ready to play today. For the most part, they were angry and hungry, alert and aware. By the end of the game they were also gassed and frustrated, and understandably so. Not to be lost in all of that was the game Big Mo had. The game started out and looked like any other game with absolutely no pass rush or pressure on the young rookie QB. Then all of a sudden the line exploded. Devito got a strip sack and Wilkerson was on the recovery fumble faster with great speed and turned it into a touchdown. The only points the Jets would record on the day. Later on, Wilkerson also forced a fumble that was recovered by Pace. The young guys on defense are shining brighter than ever lately and Wilkerson solidified his right to do so with this game. If he’s not in the Pro Bowl in early 2013 then it’s just a travesty at this point. He’s a beacon on a sometimes dim defense.

Mike Devito: If there was a stand by the Jets D to stop the Seahawks from getting more points, Big Mike was right there in the thick of it. He was in the face of Russell Wilson more than anyone else. In the 9th game of the 2012 year, Mike Devito recorded two tackles, two assists & a sack. People talk about a lack of leadership on the team, the lack of the motivational big voice from a veteran to take the reins and show he cares about what’s going on off the field as well as on it. Not enough people are giving Devito credit for what he’s bringing to the table. Read his quotes. Watch him play. Today’s game was easily the best of his career, so for all the things he says to the media so they have quotes to run with all week and mush back in the faces of the team when they drop to the opponent one cannot say that Mike Devito is a Jet that doesn’t play well enough to back up his words.

So here we sit, 3-6 with another rough away game next week and then but three days to prepare for the Patriots at home for a National game that may just ruin the holidays for those of us passionate enough to let it. Is the season toast yet? No. But there’s a lot wrong and at this point I’m not sure that they have the personnel to fix even some of it, let alone all of it. But I’m not counting them out yet. Maybe that’s my optimism. Or maybe I’ll be Kris Jenkins’ next twitter victim. Time will tell, but said time is running out.

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