Quick All-22 Film Review – Miami Dolphins


This week the Jets (3-4) welcome the Dolphins (3-3) to Metlife stadium in a battle of AFC East divisional foes.  The Jets won the first meeting 23-20 off the OT leg of one Nick Folk after the Jets and Dolphins went back and forth attempting to give the game to one another.  As inconsistent as Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense was that day, it was the arm of Mark Sanchez that ultimately ended up putting the Jets in position to win it in overtime by way of a beautiful 38 yard pass from Sanchez to Holmes that set up Folk’s game winning FG in overtime.  Both teams are playing much different than they were when they first met about a month ago, which should make for a better, cleaner game from both teams.

Dolphins rookie QB Ryan Tannenhill has been playing much more effectively as of late.

One thing that is certainly different is the play of Miami rookie QB Ryan Tannenhill.  Tannenhill has found a bit of consistency as he is spreading the ball around pretty effectively within his WR corp and is effectively getting all of his weapons involved on a more of a consistent basis.  One drive that I want to focus on this week takes place 2 weeks ago when the Dolphins matched up against the Rams.  The drive is the microcosm of what the Dolphins offense has become under the leadership of Ryan Tannenhill. They are nothing flashy or fancy, but simply somewhat methodical and effective.  We’ll see Tannenhill complete passes to 4 different targets on this key drive in the 3rd Quarter that saw the Dolphins go up on the Rams and never look back.

– 1st and 10 at MIA 38, the Dolphins come out in a 3 WR set, I formation with Bush as the lone RB in the backfield.  The Rams appears ready to defend the run and defens this run quite well as Bush takes the handoff from Tannenhill and runs to the right end for only 2 yards.

– 2nd and 8 at MIA 40, the Dolphins once again come out in a 3 WR set,  but in SHOTGUN formation with Bush as the single back.  Tannenhill hits Bush out on the right flat and Bush runs for 9 yards.  Tannenhill was initially looking downfield for one of his WRs but nothing was open and he didn’t want to force anything so he did the smart thing and dumped it off to Reggie who ran for a great pickup of 9 yards.

– 1st and 10 at MIA 49, the Dolphins come out in a bunch formation with 3 WR set and Bush and Lane as the 2 backs in the backfield.  Tannenhill allows the Rams aggressive defense to get a great pursuit on him and dumps the pass off to Lane for a gain of 7 yards.  A smart play by Tannenhill and a great run by Lane for the big gain on 1st down.

– 2nd and 3 at STL 44, Dolphins are set up in an I formation with Bush as the single back and a 2 WR set.  Tannenhill motions to Hartline who comes from the left and motions to the right bringing his defensive assignment with him.  The Rams at this point are consistently playing a cover 2 defense but on this play they are looking to bring the blitz and they follow through with their pre-snap threat.  Fasano quickly finds the hole/hot read right in the middle of the field where Tannenhill finds him and completes it to him for a quick 8 yards.  A good quick read by Tannenhill and a good recognition on the part of Fasano.

– 1st and 10 at STL 36, Dolphins back on in an I formation with Bush as the single back and again in a 3 WR set.  Tannenhill seems to audible and hands off to Bush who runs to the left for 1 yard.  Not sure what the audible was for but the Rams weren’t fooled and they seemed to play mind games with Tannenhill on that play and Tannenhill took the bait.

– 2nd and 9 at STL 35, Dolphins come out in a 3 WR Shotgun formation with Bush and Lane in the backfield to complete the 2 back backfield.  Tannenhill brings Bess in motion and gets RB Lane running quickly up the seam and hits him for a 5 yard gain.

– 3rd and 4 at STL 30, Shotgun formation…….defensive pass interference on Brian Hartline who was interfered with by B Fletcher.  Questionable call but it could’ve gone either way to be honest.

– 1st and 10 at STL 19, at this point the Rams are attempting to get a bit more aggressive on Tannenhill attempting to blitz him and trying to confuse him.  For the most part, the Dolphins O-line has picked up the blitz rather effectively and the Rams haven’t been able to get to Tannenhill.  Dolphins come out on this down in a SHOTGUN formation with a single back….Tannenhill overthrows Bess who is covered very well by Fletcher……incomplete pass.

– 2nd and 10 at STL 19,  False start……no play

– 2nd and 15 at STL 24, Dolphins back in the SHOTGUN formation.  3 WR set and 2 RB (Bush and Lane) in the backfield.  Tannenhill once again AUDBILES as he recognizes the impending blitz by way of the Rams.  This time the audible was effective and warranted as he was able to counter it by finding Bush in the flat and Bush running for 9 yards.

– 3rd and 6 at STL 15, Dolphins come out 4 wide, I formation with Bush in the backfield.  Tannenhill gets Bess to come in motion and snaps the ball before Bess comes to a complete stop.  Bush hits the middle seam and Tannenhill finds him with a great pass for a 14 yard gain.  This pass once again being defended pretty ineffectively as the Rams are once again caught looking in the cover 2 and the Dolphins are exploiting the defensive holes between the LBs and the safeties.

– 1st and 1 at STL 1, Dolphins are set up in a goal line offense with Bush and Lane in the backfield.  They bring in an extra receiver in lineman N.Garner as he reports as eligible.  Tannenhill snaps the ball and quickly finds Anthony Fasano out to the left for a 1 yard TD that was executed perfectly.

The drive was pretty methodical and very efficient and is starting to become the staple of the Dolphins offense with Tannenhill under center; nothing flashy, just high percentage throws that move the chains and that can exploit cover 2 defenses for the most part.  The Rams appeared to dare Tannenhill to throw on them and he was able to oblige them and make them pay for the most part, it’s probably a luxury that Tannenhill wont receive this week when facing the Jets defense.

How Do The Jets Attack That Dolphins Defense and Contain Their Offense?

On Offense:

-The Jets were able to move the ball last week vs the Pats defense but this week they are facing a somewhat better Miami Dolphins secondary. But, it’s a secondary that will be without starting CB Richard Marshall who will miss his 3rd straight game with a lingering back injury.  The Dolphins secondary is “better” than the Patriots but Sam Bradford still threw for over 300 yards against them as he was able to find the holes and exploit them.  Sanchez will have a few weapons at his disposal this time around that he didnt have during his first meeting vs the Dolphins.  TE Dustin Keller and WR Stephen Hill will both be active this week after missing the first Dolphins game about a month ago.   Some are calling it a ‘wash” seeing as though Holmes isnt in the lineup but you’d be hard press to find anyone that doesnt think this Jets passing game has been better since Holmes has gone down, whether you agree with that notion or not, it IS a debate.

Jets WR Jeremy Kerley had a solid game in the first matchup vs the Phins this season, he’ll look to do more this time around.

-Go after the Dolphins LBs with Keller and see if he can repeat the big game he had last week vs the Pats.  Keller has a propensity to play very well against divisional opponents and the Dolphins are not immune to Keller’s knack for big games vs divisional opponents.

– Keep attacking with Kerley from the slot.  Week in and out Jeremy Kerley is showing that he is legit and demands serious defensive attention.  Kerley is becoming a great route runner and an even better pass catcher especially when there’s plays to needed to be made.  Kerley had a TD grab during the first meeting with the Dolphins, a beautiful slant pass from Sanchez.  With the Dolphins injury issues as CB, the Jets need to allow Kerley to roam free to see where he can have the most success in the secondary.

-The Dolphins secondary played alot of man vs the Rams, that bodes well for the Sanchez to Kerley connection.

-Look for Rex and Sparano to try to enforce the running game this week with Greene, Hilliard and Grimes.  The Dolphins run defense is certainly very good but that shouldnt stop the Jets from running to help set up the pass for Sanchez.  Look for Greene, Hilliard and Grimes to all get touches this week to help tenderize that Dolphins run defense.  RB Joe McKnight is still questionable but if he can go this week, it’ll be very big.

On Defense:

-As i eluded to earlier, Ryan Tannenhill has been playing better more consistent football as of late in spreading the ball around effectively.  When given time, Tannenhill has been making very solid decisions with the football in being able to adequately locate his targets for the most part, which is why Rex WONT give him the time to do so.  Expect Rex to come after Tannenhill with blitzes and disguises and will force Tannenhill to beat him with his arm.

-Jets run defense has been better these last few weeks and they will need to be on their A-game with Reggie Bush coming into MetLife.  Considering Bush has officially galvanized this Jets defense with his STUPID comments re: Revis and other things, I’d say the Jets defense is PROBABLY prepared for Reggie Bush this time around.