Mark Sanchez on the Development of Jeremy Kerley


Oct 21, 2012; Foxboro, Massachusetts, USA; New York Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley (11) makes a fair catch during the fourth quarter against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. The New England Patriots won 29-26. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

The Jets offense has been forced into a bit of a metamorphosis. Without their number one receiver, Santonio Holmes, the offense has had to learn how to function as a group again, especially the passing attack. The need to establish chemistry comes to the forefront, as Mark Sanchez learns to work with a revamped group of wide receivers.

The one healthy wide receiver that has been with the Jets since last season is Jeremy Kerley, and not surprisingly, the chemistry between he and Mark Sanchez is flourishing. It culminated this past week in New England, when Kerley posted his first 100 yard game, on 7 catches. Mark Sanchez talked about his development yesterday:

Just the experience, it’s something that’s constantly growing. His communication has gotten better, just on the sideline talking through stuff. His recognition of defenses has gotten better. That’s one of the first things you see with an improving receiver, he knows what specific routes (he has to run). He always has known what route to run against a specific coverage, but if you can’t see it right away, you have to play slower and then you don’t run as fast. You’re thinking too much. Now, the game is really coming to him. He’s trying to be one of the fastest mental players out there. Especially going through an offensive change like he did, coming in and learning one system than the very next year (learning a new one) is a little different for someone like me, who has been here for a while. He’s doing a great job, all things considered. He had his first 100-yard game, which is pretty cool.

And he talked about the improvements in the offense since the game in Miami:Having lost Tone (Santonio Holmes), we’re really starting to find our groove now that I’ve really had the chance to mix it up with these wideouts, some new guys in there, some new faces, getting Jason Hill catches (and) getting Stephen Hill catches in crunch time. Obviously, the longer you play with guys, the better you feel with them. I think we’re just starting to hit our stride on offense. You saw a lot of it last game, we just have to keep playing. We have our running game going a little better now, since the last time we played them. That’s really an important part as well. We’re definitely an improving group. Really, since the San Francisco game, just looking back at it, we’ve played some of our best football since then. I’m proud of that. Now we just have to put one altogether (with) offense, defense (and) special teams.

As I have said before, this team is set to have a good second half of the season. This offense is coming together, hopefully the development will continue.