Know Thy Enemy: Week 8- Jets vs. Dolphins


Oct.14, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush (22) during a game against the St. Louis Rams at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It’s week eight, and our return engagement with the Miami Dolphins. So, we have a repeat visitor in the “Know Thy Enemy” segment, and it’s the editor of  Take a look as we talk about our upcoming game, and the AFC East as a whole.

THE JET PRESS:Talk about the development of the Dolphins in the weeks since the last matchup against the Jets.

PHIN PHANTIC:The Dolphins have won the last two games late in the 4th quarter as opposed to allowing them to get late scores to force overtime like the two previous weeks including the OT loss to the Jets. Whether they have found the way to holding off their opponent remains to be seen but now they need to figure out how to put teams away early as opposed to letting them hang around.

TJP:Did you put any stock in the exchange that occurred after our first game, first with the Calvin Pace comments, followed by Reggie Bush’s follow up, or did you shrug it ofF, as I did, as players being players?

PP:With all due respect to you as a Jets fan, I have pretty much laughed off anything that comes out of the Jets locker room. Honestly, it seems that Rex Ryan has a bigger blow hole than an actual Dolphin. Now I hear he is expecting an apology for comments about Revis from Reggie Bush. One thing is for certain, there is no love lost between these two teams…or it seems most of their fans.

TJP:What do you think about this division we are in? It seems like nobody is distinguishing themselves, do you think that is how it will remain for the rest of the season?

PP:I do not actually. I think that New England will figure out what they are doing and the rest will come back to Earth so to speak. I think the Dolphins have less pressure because there are far less expectations to win while the Jets have more pressure because they are expected to win. How that will balance out between them? I don’t know yet.

TJP:As someone who watches this division, give me your opinions on the changes with the Jets in recent weeks, as they are quite different in how they perform from when we last met.

PP:They are very hard to read. I can’t tell if they are rallying as a team to pick up for the lost players or are getting by on luck alone. The biggest issue I have with the Jets on any given Sunday is that you really don’t know who will come out of the locker-room. It seems they lay dormant for two quarters and then their sleeping pills wear off in the 2nd half. Literally they are a Jekyll and Hyde team and I don’t know which team will show up each weekend. Which is precisely why I am not going to give you an answer to question number 5.

TJP:Finally, give me a prediction for Sunday.

PP:See Question 4.

Good thing he didn’t give a prediction, since he knows his team is going DOWN. All kidding aside, we thank Brian for his time, check out his site, he and his staff do a great job.