Five Great Twitter Follows for New York Jets Fans


December 12, 2011; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (30) types on the computer for Twitter during media day at the Golden State Warriors Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

The season is almost here Jets fans. It’s time to be ready to get all the information you can about our team.

Today, I have compiled a list of five great Jets voices on Twitter that are absolute must follows. (Aside from @thejetpress, and our staff of course). Some of you may be left out in this one, but will do others in the future.

Here they are, in no particular order:

@Steiny31-If you were to pick only one account to follow other than ours, Jake Steinberg is the one to choose. If you are not following him already, you are missing out on a wealth of information. Basically, following him is the equivalent of following Mike Tannenbaum when you see the quality of information. He has great information, great sources, and shares what he knows with everyone. He is a great guy, and a big supporter of us at TheJetPress, make sure you are following.

@TurnOnTheJetsHere is another essential follow, and not just because they included us on their essential follows list.  They are an essential follow because they do a great job.  Check out their site at  Joe Caporoso and his staff have excellent, thorough opinions.  We often disagree with their writers, but that is what makes sports great.  Check them out, they are a great read, every one of them.

@5NLiveWe have talked about them many times, but they are more than worth talking about again.  This is the account for Flight 5 Live, the Jets internet show that airs every Friday night from 7-8 PM.  It’s a five member cast, and they are just great fun.  They take phone calls, have interviewed Jets such as Wesley Walker, DeMario Davis and Marcus Dixon, and have a great time talking about all things New York Jets.  They are clearly friends, and their chemsitry is obvious.  Head to their website at, where you can see the past shows if you haven’t, and catch the live feed each week.

@Brian_BassettBrian is the lead blogger for, the site sponsored by the TV Network SNY.  Check out their site, they have great featured articles, and the opinions of the writers are quite varied.  The writers are informed, and they have great sources as they are credentialed by the team.  From features, to film, to breaking news, they are terrific.  Check them out for a great fix of Jets information.

@ConnieScoutsThis is the account of Connie Carberg, a name that many of you may not be familiar with.  You should be.  Connie is the first female scout in NFL history, and she just happened to work for the New York Jets.  She was the scout that discovered Mark Gastineau.  She has been on Twitter for a short time, and is one of the nicer people out there, all too quick to share stories, as well as her thoughts on the current team.  She has great opinions, make sure you connect with her.

So there are the five for this post.  There are a zillion others that should be included, such as @RichWilhelm, @e_man, @kristinereese, and many, many others.

To those I haven’t included, you will be included in future posts.

Stay tuned for more lists of must follows for Jets fans.