Message to LaRon: Be careful “Tweeting” as @MrGucci30


NFL players have been under the microscope to the extreme, when it comes to Twitter. Fake accounts, hackings, and friendly jokes can create a huge buzz for the media.

Just last week, Darrelle Revis sent a tweet apologizing to his followers because someone “hacked” his account. Sometimes these things happen.

no worries, i was not traded and my account was hacked, i love @JohnGeiger and @schwartzfeinsod, thank you, have a safe and happy 4th!”

-Darrelle Revis via Twitter

Sometimes they don’t, and it really is the NFL player (see Rashard Mendanhall’s foolish tweet about Osama Bin Laden).

The reason I bring this up is because LaRon Landry has a Twitter account for his spider monkey—Mr. Gucci. I believe he’s entitled to do whatever he wants and I encourage him to do so. He hasn’t really said anything that could get him into trouble, but Landry has to be aware of the situation. He is just as accountable for what he says on his pet’s Twitter, as he is on his personal one.

LaRon Landry's Spider Monkey (above) is on Twitter @MrGucci30.

One example that triggered me to take notice on the situation happened a couple days ago, when @MrGucci30 tweeted something about Rex Ryan.

This was in reference to an article about a toe-sucker in Walmart. Obviously, it’s a joke. But sometimes the media can’t take a joke like this. They either don’t get it, or try to make a big story out of it for THEIR sake.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that… although #30 really hasn’t done anything wrong here, he needs to recognize that having an alternate Twitter account, doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not under the microscope… because he still is.

There is the possibility that I am wrong, and there’s another person (other than Landry) that is controlling @MrGucci30’s Twitter. However, the point of this article is not to take a jab at Landry (he would knock me out in one punch anyway with these biceps below).

This is just a reminder that the media will take a joke like this, and blow it up, to make things appear bigger than they really are.

I think every Jets fan would agree with me here, that we’re relieved the Jets haven’t made any news during their vacation time thus far. It’s never a good sign when your team makes a headline during a quiet time and there’s no football going on. It does however, feel good to not have any negative label attached to us this year (check the Detroit Lions and their current negative reputation).

The bottom line is that all players should remember–the media is continuously waiting for them to make a mistake. As former Jets Head Coach Herm Edwards once said, speaking at the Rookie Symposium, “Don’t press send”, without THINKING.

It’s important to give the players a reminder, because the negative reputation that comes with one bad tweet is just as old as the “same old Jets” phrase. Nobody wants to hear it…except the reporters because it helps make their job a lot easier.

So my message to all the Jets players, and not just Landry:

DO NOT give the reporters any negative material!!!

As Jets fans, we like it to be quiet this time of year. You’ve done a great job thus far! (Knock on wood)… So let’s keep it that way!