Three Things Mark Sanchez Must Do in 2012


Going into the 2012 season there are many questions regarding the offense. Will Sanchez lose his job to Tebow? Who will emerge at wide receive? Will the ground and pound return to form? One thing that is not in question is that Mark Sanchez has to improve to help take the Jets to the next level. While casual fans may embrace the Tim Tebow chatter, real Jets fans know that if the Jets go anywhere, it will be on the right arm of Mark Sanchez. So here are three things he must do in 2012 to help raise the New York Jets to NFL elite.

1. Stop listening to the media Throughout his career with the New York Jets Mark Sanchez has been a constant fixture in the New York media. He is often thought of as “sensitive” and there is a feeling that some of the negative media attention may affect Sanchez more than Jets fans would like. The first thing Sanchez must do to improve is to not allow the media to affect his psyche, and more importantly his play on the field. With the Tim Tebow situation adding fuel to the fire Sanchez will indeed be tested early and often in how he deals with criticism. Increased confidence and a short memory can help to block these distractions which can go a long way in helping to improve his play on the field.

2. Become the undisputed leader Everyone knows the internal locker room issues that plagued the Jets in 2011. A lack of an undeniable leader on offense led to finger pointing, side taking and all the other issues that can divide an NFL locker room. Recently, Rex Ryan announced that there will be no captains on the 2012 team. While many are divided on their feelings about this revelation, one common thought is that Sanchez must act as the offense captain from day one. Whether or not there is a C on his Jersey #6 must take control of the offense, lead by example, and hold himself, and the other offensive players accountable when things go awry.

3. Play more consistently In his first three years Mark Sanchez proved he can play at a high NFL level. His four road playoff wins and two AFC championship appearances have created quite a resume for a quarterback entering just his fourth year of NFL football. If there is one area that must be improved it is consistency. Success early in games and on early downs can help greatly in reducing pressure and controlling the game. Missed completions on easy slant routes or bad reads on a three step drop must be eliminated to help Sanchez and the Jets offense increase production and put away games early. More consistency may be the key to sustained success and Mark Sanchez’s best season yet under center for the New York Jets.