Minicamp Recap: Photographs & Paragraphs


While the Jets are on their break, let’s review some pictures from the mandatory minicamp practices, and analyze exactly what’s going on within each photo.

Jets D’Brickashaw Ferguson (right) is talking with Vladamir Ducasse (#62) and Rookie OL Robert Griffin (left).

It’s positive to see:

#1- Ducasse is seeking help from a veteran and Pro Bowler in Ferguson. For Ducasse, this is a do-or-die type of year. The ENTIRE Jets organization and their fans, are expecting him to take the next step in his career.

#2- Although Robert Griffin is clearly not talking to Ferguson, at least he is jumping into discussions. Griffin can use all the help he can get and many would agree, because you can never be satisfied as a Rookie in the NFL.

As training camp starts, it would be nice to see the Offensive Line come together and bond as a unit. Chemistry was a big part of the #1 rushing attack that the Jets had in ’09. Getting back to Ground-n-Pound is key and that starts up front. Ideally, we would like to see the veteran players (Nick Mangold, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, and Brandon Moore) give some extra pointers to the younger guys, and get them up to speed. The picture above shows that they’ve got a head start.

Jets WR Jeremy Kerley (#11) is going 1-on-1 with Jets CB Antonio Cromartie (#31).

This is an interesting matchup for a Jets practice. One reason is because of the size differential between the two. Cromartie is about as tall as Kerley–when he’s squatting. Cro is in promising position and is ready to jam Jeremy off the line of scrimmage. Another reason why this is an interesting matchup, is because Kerley is lined up wide. Kerley, often lined up in the slot, is out in “Al-CRO-traz”, where Cromartie has a slight advantage on him. The advantage comes with the sideline territory. Part of what makes Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie look so good, is that they tend to lead their man toward the sideline. It’s an advantage because they can eliminate certain routes or cuts that a WR can make. The Jets have Kerley lined up wide here, because both Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill (normally wide) are rehabbing from injuries.

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Jets Owner Woody Johnson (left) and General Manager Mike Tannenbaum (right) talk Jets Football as they look on at practice in Florham Park.

From a fan’s perspective, I like to see that our owner is involved like he is here, but not too involved (like Jerry Jones). A “Celebrity Owner” is one that likes to be the center of attention (like Jim Irsay), and can be a distraction for a team.

With the Jets camp under such scrutiny through the past few seasons, an obnoxious owner would only hurt the team and add more unnecessary pressure.

Personally, I have a lot of faith in the Woody, Mike, and Rex trio. The strong relationship they have will only continue to grow. Primarily because of the LOYALTY and RESPECT among the three. If you sit and think for a second, can you remember any time that Woody, Mike, or Rex bashed one another? I don’t. From what I can see, there seems to be a great deal of TRUST among these three amigos.

Antonio Cromartie (#31) makes a one-handed catch during minicamp.

The level of competition during practice really seems to be bringing out the best in each player. Maybe it’s the black jerseys. HA, it’s possible. From reports, it sounded like offensive players were a bit jealous of the new jerseys.

But hey, if a dark colored jersey unleashes a player’s competitiveness to PLAY LIKE A JET, then I’m all for it.

Cro makes a one-handed catch in this picture, and shows the amount of concentration that he CAN have on the field. He needs to be at this level, if not better, each and every game this season. Plus we’ll have fewer penalties!

As we know, there is the “Good Cro”, and the “Bad Cro”. This is the “Good Cro” right here. Hopefully we can find something other than the black jerseys to motivate #31 to play like this–with great awareness, speed, and athleticism.

I expect him to have a solid year.

Part 2 coming soon…stay tuned!