Observations from Jets Mini Camp Day 3


Lesser-known player that I came away impressed with:

Royce Adams #27 (Pictured below)

I kept asking myself again and again, “Who is #27?”

Royce Adams, that’s who.

I was very impressed to see Adams attack the ball in the air and make some eye-popping catches. It’s always good to see an underrated player step up in camp, especially when they are sharing the field with established players (like Revis). Maybe he got a few pointers from Revis. Maybe he didn’t…but one thing is for sure—this kid can flat out ball. Look for Adams to make a big impact this year during preseason, and ultimately secure his spot in what is, a very crowded defensive backfield.

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 Coaches seem to have a great grasp of the D-Line

New D-Line Coach Karl Dunbar, was communicating with the entire Defensive Line unit very well. It was easy to spot him with his unique-looking hat, but that’s besides the fact that he was constantly coaching up early on and throughout all of the position drills.

Dunbar, (pictured right with Mike DeVito #70, and Damon Harrison #71) was deeply involved with the Defense today.

Coaches Bob Sutton, Mike Pettine, and Dunbar each have excellent coaching skills, and it was obvious to see that they relay their messages well—even outside of the classroom.

Something Positive for Santonio

Santonio Holmes was constantly bashed by the media last season and into this offseason. I’m going to stand out from the crowd and give Holmes some positive feedback. Holmes (pictured below) did a very good job today at camp, considering he couldn’t do much with a nagging hamstring injury. The picture below is of Santonio and WR DaMarcus Ganaway (#87); where Holmes was giving pointers on route running and how to get in position to make a catch.

The one thing that stood out to me today, regarding Holmes, was his leadership with the younger receivers. I thought it was noteworthy, because it shows that he is ready to move on. I thought credit was well deserved here for Holmes.

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Lots of Tip Drills

During positional drills, I saw a lot of groups practicing the tip drill (This is when a player tips a pass up, and the next player has the responsibility to make a catch off the tip). This is a typical drill for Defensive Backs. However, I noticed that each defensive group was participating in this drill.

It was a little unusual to see the defensive linemen running the tip drill. But when I sat back and thought about it, it made more sense. If we can get our D-Line to get their hands on the ball more often, it will help disrupt the rhythm of an offense. It also provides us with an opportunity to create a turnover. I was very pleased to see that, not only can our D-Line tip a pass or two, but we’re also athletic enough to make an interception off of a tip.

Overall Summary

For the most part, I left the mini camp practice feeling pretty good about our team. I felt that our coaches were pushing our players just the right amount, and should have them ready to go come training camp. It’s very difficult to analyze a practice where players are wearing shorts, but all in all, everyone looks to be in tip-top shape. That is, of course, excluding the players who are recovering from injuries (Landry, Hill, Holmes).