Jets State of the Offense Address


Jun 7, 2012; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) throws a pass during the New York Jets organized team activities at the Atlantic Health Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Approximately a week ago, we brought you the State of the Defense Address. On this Friday morning, we bring you our up to the minute state of the offense address.

The offense is on the right track, despite the off day at OTAs yesterday. There is a new attitude, brought about by new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano. His playbook, according to all accounts, is much simpler than the previous offense administration.

He is no-nonsense, even this early in workouts. When guys make mistakes, including Tim Tebow, he is on their case right away. Even Hayden Smith, who has never played football before, has not escaped the ire of coach Sparano. He is focusing on not turning the ball over, which the Jets have done far too much lately.

He is also returning to the physical style of offense that head coach Rex Ryan loves. The “Ground and Pound” has brought the Jets their greatest success in the Ryan regime, and bringing it back to the forefront is exciting.

The one working hardest at the new offense is our starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Both coach Sparano and Rex have praised Mark’s work ethic, saying that he has been the hardest worker in the room. Coach Sparano says he has “all the answers” in the classroom, and that is great. The starting quarterback has to be able to internalize the system in order to lead. Mark has to serve as coach on the field, and knowing the offense inside and out is the only way.

He is getting ready to host the “Jets West” camp, which serves to immerse in the playbook even more, as well as to bond with his teammates. Sanchez funds the camp, as well as leads it as the coach. This is only done by a guy that is driven to be great. Among the upcoming attendees is the guy I want to talk about next.

Santonio Holmes. He will be attending Jets West, as well as a great deal of his offensive teammates. We all know that Holmes and Sanchez were not on the same page last year. Hell, they weren’t even in the same book. To go out to the camp is a great sign that he has seemed to have turned over a new leaf. He has been working hard in camp, as well as trying to coach up his teammates. “Tone Time” may just be getting ready for a return to his 2010 self.

The pieces added will do nothing but help as well. To go along with Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight is Terrance Ganaway at running back. He’s a big guy with a nose for the end zone. 21 TDs last season proves that in spades. The running backs are set to ground and pound away. The WRs are ready to take flight as well, led by Santonio, who seems to have a new attitude so far. Stephen Hill will make an excellent deep threat as long as he gets his routes polished this offseason. Chaz Schilens has shown all the tools to be a valuable threat, if he can stay healthy. Jeremy Kerley will only get better, and Jordan White has the makings of a big time sleeper, as does DaMarcus Ganaway.

One concern is the offensive line. We all know the major concern, his name is Wayne Hunter. No Jets fan can be thrilled that he is still on the roster, much less going into camp as the starting tackle. Matt Slauson is still rehabbing from injury, and seeing Vladimir Ducasse playing with the first team cannot make anyone in Jet Nation very happy. There will be competition at right tackle with the signings of Stephon Heyer and Ray Willis. The new offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo has faith in Hunter, and Sparano wanted him in Miami. We have to put our faith in the coaching staff that they will be able to bring out the best in these guys, and bring them back to the level they were in years past.

Finally, the big issue. You know his name must be said. Tim Tebow. There I said it. The biggest issue facing this team as we head into 2012 in my opinion is at quarterback. Not going to dwell too long, you know the story. The following, the Tebow fans, the crowds at his locker, the craze around this guy. I’ve talked at length about how I feel. Fact is he is here.

The key to the situation is Mark Sanchez. Can Mark Sanchez use the acquisition as motivation, and become the quarterback we all hope that he can be? Will the situation cause Mark to shut down, leading to a Tim Tebow takeover? If Mark gets the job done, and Tebow is used on special teams, and special packages, the Jets can make this work. If not, the Jets will be in trouble.

There you have it, the state of the offense. They are getting there, there are set up to be better in 2012. The hard work has to translate, and we will find out soon enough.