Bart Scott is a Lean and Loud Madbacker Machine


Dec 18, 2011; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New York Jets inside linebacker Bart Scott (57) on the bench against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/The Star-Ledger via US PRESSWIRE

Remember last year, when Bart Scott finished off his last day of work flipping a camera off?

Well, put that in the past. Bart was flying around the field at OTAs, yelling at guys that weren’t doing their jobs, so much, that a player asked Rex Ryan to turn the volume down on the guy. He told a rookie running back to wear a wristband if he can’t remember the plays, and Tim Tebow to hand off if he can’t throw for more than one yard.

Coach Ryan is happy about it. “I am like, ‘No. This is exactly the guy we brought in,'” Ryan said. The players really have no problem either.

“It’s very competitive and then Bart makes it even more competitive with how much he’s talking out there,” Tebow said with a wry smile.

Bart Scott was not used as much as he had been in the past in 2011. He found the season to be a lot less fun. His response as to get back into playing weight. A lot of people thought 2011 was going to be his last season with the Jets, after Rex Ryan brought him to town during the first minute of free agency in 2009. Scott feels more like himself, and is ready to go:

“I’m at peace,” Scott said Thursday. “It is what it is, go out, have fun, play football, realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to play football. Sometimes you have to step back from the situation, and it’s hard to step back from the situation when you’re in it.”

Coach Ryan is ecstatic about the state Bart is in:

“I don’t know if this isn’t the best Bart Scott we have had since I have been here with the Jets,” Ryan said. “I think he is better now than the first year we brought him in here. He is running great, he is in super shape, he is smart, he is really leading. I think that was what we needed.”

He gave an example of Scott’s play by referencing a practice play against Joe McKnight:

“He ran with a wheel route the other day by Joe McKnight and he was staying on top,” Ryan said. “It was a veteran move. He saw the thing and started heading deep. There are very few linebackers in the league that can run with Joe McKnight. I am not saying Bart can, but he did.”

Bart Scott excelling as a leader was one of the biggest positives the team had going for it when the team was going well. Bart being miserable, probably more than we realized, had a trickle down effect on the team, especially on the defense. If he is back to making an impact, both as a player and leader, the defense will be exciting.

“Can’t wait” to see it.