Debbie’s random Jets musings: Will Tim Tebow work in New York?


You’re probably thinking, okay, another opinion post about the most talked about backup quarterback/utility man in the NFL?

Well then, you’d be absolutely right.

I’ve had plenty a conversation about that man and now, I want my opportunity to voice my opinions to the Jets fans.

Let’s just say that I have a lot of issues about this move from a pure football perspective.

But after watching him meet the media the other day in front of his locker; in all honesty as a person, he impressed me.

Let me first start off with why I have my issues with this:

First of all, it’s no secret what his numbers were by the end of the 2011 season (126 completions out of 271 attempts, 46.5 completion percentage, 1,729 yards) and I know that it was in a limited capacity but I also know what I saw with my own two eyes; the guy can’t connect with his receiver on a consistent basis. Those numbers that I provided from — especially the completion percentage — was the worst among the active quarterbacks.

And coming into this team — after the year they had an having a divo wide receiver in Santonio Holmes, he needs to seriously improve their consistency and in a hurry. The first time he misses on a slant route or an out route outside the numbers… you know that Santonio is going to start chirping.

On the other hand, Mark Sanchez (who’s numbers were not great either last year) has started to get a real chemistry with his receivers, especially Dustin Keller, Jeremy Kerley, Patrick Turner, AND Holmes.

From everything I hear and read, it seems that these two have worked out their differences which led to the childish screaming match in the middle of the huddle last year in South Beach.

Sanchez has shown in his first three years in the league that he’s a lot more consistent and he’s definitely proven to me that he’s got a much better arm that Tebow.

Sanchez’s completion percentage by the end of last year was at least 10 points HIGHER, then Tebow’s. To me, it’s really kind of obvious who the better passer is.

Now, if you’re the Jets front office, you’re telling me that Tebow is going to be in the back field as a tailback, and potentially a Brad Smith type?! I mean seriously, if you’re going to make the comparison to Smith, are you seriously going to tell me that if you’re going to run the option with Tebow, we might see more than one pass a series?! I’ll believe that when I see it. And you’re saying that you will have your number 2 quarterback out on SPECIAL TEAMS?!?! And the day that Tebow gets pancaked on a either a punt return or a kickoff return, what will you say then?!

The move to bring Tim Tebow to Gang Green was nothing more than a publicity stunt because your co-tenants at Met Life Stadium just won the Super Bowl.

Now I did say there were some positives so I’m getting there.

When I saw him with the media in front of  his locker, I was really impressed with the way Tebow handled himself in front of the media. Now being that in my day job I am media along with the fact that I know a couple of the Jets writers, I was impressed that Tebow didn’t fall into the classic trap of the reporters trying to stir up a quarterback controversy.

I really do see Tebow being a positive influence in the locker room and some of the quotes that have been coming out really do bear that out, ie what Darelle Revis said.

The only thing that I hope is that he doesn’t try and upset the balance of power in that locker room and so far, I really don’t think that will be the case.

He was brought in to Gang Green to be the number two quarterback and if he continues to be someone who will help make Mark Sanchez better, then I think this will be a great move.

If not, then I’m going to be really worried.